Objectivity of the Psyche

All realities are the result of certain unique focuses take by consciousness. The effects of objectivity are caused as the psyche projects its experience into inner dimensions that it has itself created.

Within those frameworks are ever expanding so that the greater and greater distances are involved. Travel to any other land of physical reality must involve alterations of consciousness.

While all you own thoughts and feelings are somewhere materialized only some of them become physical. They are then accepted as physical reality. That become your home station. You ignore the ghost symbols and voices, the probable actions that also occur, but are muffled in the clear tones of your accepted reality.

When you begin to travel away from that home station you become more aware of the other frequencies that are buried within it.

You move thorough other frequencies but to do this you must alter your own consciousness.

The probable realities connected with your own system are like suburbs surrounding a main city. If you think of other realities as different cities then after you leave your own you would pass through suburbs then into the country then after a time into other suburbs until you reached another metropolis.

Here each metropolis would represent a conglomeration of consciousness operating within an overall general frequency of clear focus a high point of psychic communication and exquisite focus in the given kind of reality.

Unless you are tuned in those particular frequencies you could not pick up that reality. You might instead perceive the equivalent of jumbled sound  or meaningless static or jigsaws. You might simply realize that some kind of activity was there but without being able to pinpoint it.

All consciousness is highly mobile. While you focus your attention primarily in your own world certain portion of your consciousness are always straying.

When you are sleeping your consciousness ventures in other realities; usually in a wandering fashion without tuning itself into any precise frequency.

Beneath many seemingly chaotic dreams there are often valid experiences in which your consciousness lights in another reality, without being attuned to it with the necessary precision that would allow for clear perception.

Certain particular focuses bring in different worlds but unless your consciousness is tuned in with exquisite precision you will not be able to perceive clearly.

You will instead pick up at best the ghost images, probabilities, and private data that are not officially recognized as part of official structure of events.

Such realities always exist in your own psyche outside of your home station and some portion of your consciousness is always involved with them.

Think of your own psyche as a kind of supernatural radio. All of these stations exist at one within the psyche.

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