Billy Meyer Wisdom

“When the human being starts a garden, then it is certain that some form of plant life will be produced in it, regardless of whether the piece of land is cultivated and tended or is grossly neglected.

It is also exactly like this with the consciousness, because, depending on whether it is intelligently maintained or is neglected, it brings forth either rich, healthy and neutral-positive-equalised, rightful thoughts, which are creative and progressive, or, mightful, wildly growing, negative thoughts which have a confusing and destructive effect.

If no useful seeds are spread in a garden, rather only weeds, or if everything is left to fate, then only weeds and the like grow, with the possibility that, between them, perhaps someday a meagre flower sprouts.

However, if useful seed is sown and useful plants are planted, then plants which are useful to the human being will also emerge from them. It is the same for the consciousness, which can be compared to a garden. If good, healthy and neutral-positive-equalised thoughts are nurtured, then they bring a good harvest in the form of progress, success, love, peace and harmony; if, however, bad, negative thoughts are allowed, then they proliferate luxuriously like wildly growing weeds which displace everything which is not of their kind, and consequently take the upper hand to such a degree that nothing positive is able to gain ground any more.

Therefore the consciousness, and the thoughts which arise from it, must be cultivated and cared for, as with a precious garden which is kept free of weeds and in which flowers bloom and vegetables as well as fruit grow which, on one hand, bring the human being joy and harmony and, on the other hand, are certain nourishment for him/her. And just as a garden is developed and tended and cared for according to the wishes of the human being, so must the consciousness also be tended and cared for, and, in fact, in the form that all wrong, useless, negative and impure thoughts are eliminated in order to obtain the necessary space for the useful, pure, neutral-positive-equalised, right and cultivated thoughts.”

Billy Eduard Albert Meier
Macht der Gedanken
Pages 19-22 (German/English)

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In.1972 President Nixon devaluated dollars after Europeans refused to accept it.

Since 1975nthe United States has had a negative balance and in 1985 for the first time since 1914 US debt owed to foreign creditors exceeded foreign debts owned to US creditors according to The New Encyclopedia Britanica.

Another secret of the money game is demand deposits, money placed in a bank which can be widraw at any time on demand. We know this system as checking account. They are replaced by plastic debit cards.

Depositors today pay ever increasing service charges for the privilege of allowing their money to be used for profit by their bank.

When a person deposit $100 in a bank this is in effect a loan to the bank since it must be repaid on demand. Therefore the $100 is considered a liability.

The bank loans the $100 to someone else who must repay it with interest. Now the same money is considered an asset.

The same money is both asset and liability contracting each other providing that money is essentially worthless.

When the same money $100 is put into a sa ing account there is a small amount of interest accrued on the condition that the money cannot be withdrawn quickly.

When the $100 is placed in a chewing account the depositor draws no interest at all. But when the bank loans the $100 they charge healthy interest based on current rates and reap the profit.

It is clear that in banking debt equal profit.

This is the primary secret of money. This is why Initrd States has become a debtor nation.

From “Ruled by Secrecy ” by Jim Marrs

Egypt and Maya Cosmogy

Edgar Cayce’s (the sleeping profet of America) readings indicated that the great civilization of ancient Egypt developed when some Atlanteandescaped the final destruction of their island sometime before 10,000 B.C.

The alignment of the pyramids of Giza symbolized the Orion’s Belt and were an effort to represent heaven on earth around the year 10,400 B.C.

Now the Maya story of creation:

The Maya Cosmic Hearth the site of creation and humanity’s entrance into the world. A Scrack appeared on the top of the turtle’s back .

From this triangular spot life emerged. The triangle was formed within the constellation of Orion.

Many Maya pyramids depict this sacred triangular orientation of Orion Belt at the time of 10400 B.C. including Piedras Negras the probable site of the Yukatan Hall of Records (the records of ancient history of the humanity kept by Atlantis peoples).

Probable Events

Probable events make more sense when you think of them as latent future  ones.

The fact remains  that are probable past events that can still happen within your personal  previous experiences.

A new event can literally be born in the past now.

A new belief in the present can cause changes in the past on a neuronal  level. Present beliefs can indeed  alter the past. In some cases of healing, the spontaneous  disappearance of cancer for instance or any other disease, certain  alteration are made that affect cellular  memory, genetic codes, or neuronal  patterns in the past.

In such instances  there is a reaching into deep biological  structures  as they existed at one time at that point the probabilities are altered and their conditions are erased in your present but also in your past.

A sudden  or intense belief in health can reverse  the disease., but a very practical  way it is a reversal  in terms   of time. New memories are inserted in place of the old ones  as far as cells are concerned..

Learning is not simply paved on from living tissue to living tissue  but it is also passed through the body ‘s present corporeal reality , sometimes changing messages    to past cells that in your terms no longer exist.

In the same way a strong belief in a particular ability in the present will reach into the past and effect whatever changes  would have had to occur  there in order to make the ability apparent .

This is the reason for the results of some experiments with accelerated learning  when under hypnosis  the present belief activate latent abilities  within each person.

The biological structure as it existed in the past is affected .  Experience is built into organism that it did not have before.  It is a sort of reprogramming.

When you alter your beliefs today you also reprogram your past.

Your present is your point of action, focus and power and from that point of volition you form both your future and your past.

Realizing this you will understand that you are not at the mercy  of the past over which you have no control.

The ever changing elements of your body and your consciences  are relatively free in time. They exist in a multi dimensional with which rational consciousness  is not yet equipped  to deal.

Cellular memory  can be changed any  moment  present  beliefs can insert into the past new memory both psychologically  and physically.

The future is no predefined on basic levels. This does not means that the future cannot  be predicted sometimes for in certain terms you  will often continue with certain  lines of probability  which can be seen ahead of time.


from ““A Seth Book.  The Nature of Personal Reality” By Jane Roberts

Belief and Health

The physical constitution of your body follows beliefs, and so all of its sense data will faithfully mirror the beliefs that directs it’s activity.

Hypnosis is simply an exercise in the alteration of beliefs and only to clearly shows that these experiences follow the expectations.

The you at the present  is only one probable state of being who then directs corporeal life and frames and defines all sense of data.

When your idea  about yourself change so do your experience.

In more personal terms each individual creates his own world.

The nerve pattern causes the illusion of a present  in which your consciences  appears focused and alert.

In certain terms future events exist now, but they are too fast. They jump over the nerve endings too quickly and physically you cannot experience them as yet

Impulses possess a far different  reality that physicists or biologists suppose .

As you think now past is still occurring. The drag still leaps the synapses but is not physically recorded.

Consciously you only experience portions of events with your corporeal  structure, yet the structure itself records them.

The cells retain their memory, though you do not perceive it, and the body is aware of the so called future occurrence  though as a rule you do not consciously  sense this.

At other levels of psychic  activity however such knowledge  is also available to you but only when you disconnect your experience from the  time  activated neuronal structure and this you  can do through various  alteration  of  consciousness.

You can discover for yourself the other probable you’d that are  a portion of your being .

from ” The Nature of Personal Reality – A Seth Book” By Jane Roberts

Time Does Not Exist

Multiple existences reincarnation  existences are simultaneous and open ended. The conscious mind is growing toward the realization of the part it has to play in such multidimensional reality.

It is enough that you understand your part in this existence. When you fully comprehend that you form what you think of as your current reality, all else will fall into place.

Your beliefs thoughts and feelings are instantly materialized physically.

Their earthly reality occur simultaneously with their inception but in the world of time lapses between  appear to occur.

Your multiple lives occur as the immediate realization of your being in the natural extension of its many faceted abilities.

At once does not imply a finishing state, for all things are still happening.

You are still happening but both present and future selves, and your past self is still undergoing what you think is done.

You are still experiencing every tsunami that you do not recall that your  linear attuned consciousness cannot perceive on that level.

The rhythm of birth and death is like a breath taken and exhaled. Feel your breath. You are not it, yet it comes into you and leaves you, and without  its continuous flow you could not physically exist.

The same way your lives go in and out of you and yet not you. And a portion of you, while letting them all go, remembers them and knows their journey.

Close your eyes. Think of your breaths as lives, and you the entity through which they have passed and are passing.

Then you will feel the state if grace, and all artificial guilt will be meaningless. None of this negate the integrity of your individuality, for you are the individual entity through whom the lives flow and the unique lives that are expressed through you.

As your breath leaves you and became part of the world, free, so do your lives leave you and continue to exist in your terms.

As an animal moves through a forest , you move through psychic, psychological and mental areas in the same way. Through his senses the animal gets messages from distant areas that he cannot directly perceive, and which he is largely unaware. And so do you.