Will and Intent

Your will in your intent. All of the power of your being is mobilized by your will which makes its deductions according to your beliers about reality. Each of you use your will in your own way.

The point of power is the present and more important than past causes.

You have a will for a reason. When you are born that will is directed toward growth and development. You will yourselves alive. That will to be triggers all bodily activity, which then operates automatically with the same power from which the will itself emerged.

The will is meant to assess the conditions into which the organism grows however to also seek out the best areas for expansion.

The universe is with you and not against you. Your fellow men are with you and not against you. When you realize that then you reach those portions of your fellows that are with you.

The will’s power is impressive, and it is distributed though the body. The body depends upon it for direction. The will’s belief  activate the body’s automatic resources.

You do not understand the dimensions into which your own thoughts  drop, for they continue their own existence, and other look up to then and view them like stars.

Your own dreams and thought and mental actions appear to the inhabitants of other systems like the stars and planets within your own. And those inhabitants do not perceive what lies within and behind the stars in their own heavens.

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