Dream State

In the dream state and in certain other levels of reality ideas and their symbols are immediately experienced. There is no time lag between a feeling and its exteriorization.

The psyche is presented with its own concepts which are instantly are instantly reflected in dream situation and other events.

If you dream or yearn for a new house in physical life for instance it may take some time before the ideal is materialized, in the dream state however may lead to the instant creation of such a house ad far as your dream experience is concerned. There is no time lag there between desire and its materialization.

There are levels within dream highly pertinent but mainly personal. There are other levels that involve mass behavior on a psychic level, where together the inhabitants of the physical world plan out future events.

Here probabilities are recognized and utilized. Symbolism is used.

There is an interweaving of intent. Private desires are magnified as they are felt by others or minimized accordingly so that in the overall large general plans a re made having to do with the species at any given time.

These desires and intents must fit into the codified system as it exists.

There are realms you travel in dream state that may not appear to have anything to do with the world as you know it. In those dreams you are still carrying your private symbols with you.

Your own symbols rise from deep levels of the psyche and in certain terms you are a part of any reality that you experience, but you may have difficulty in the interpretation of events.

Even in dreams you form your own reality. Your state of mind freed from its usual physical focus creatively expresses itself in all of its power and brilliance. The state of mind itself serves as an intent, propelling you into realities of like conditions.

In  your world you travel from one country to another and you do not expect them to be all alike. You visit various parts of the world because of the differences among them; so all out of the body journeys do not lead to the same locale.

Instinctively you leave your body for varying amount of time each night while you sleep, but those journeys are not programmed.

As many people with the same interest may decide to visit the same country alone or with companions, so in the out of body condition you may travel alone or with companions. If you are alert you may even take snapshots only as far as inner tours are concerned the snapshots consist of clear picture of the environment take at the time, developed in the unconscious and then presented to the waking mind.

There are methods of pack your conscious mind for your journeys as you would pack your camera. It will be there when you need it, to take pictures that will be your conscious memories of your journey.

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