Body Consciousness and the Sleep State

The body can carry on performing necessary maintenance activities while the main consciousness is detached from it. It can ever perform simple chores.

During the sleep at an inner order of events you are highly active and do much of the interior mental work that will later appear as physical experience.


During sleep your consciousness performs many functions that are impossible during your walking hours. The greatest biological creativity take place while you sleep for example certain cellular functions are accelerated.

Some disengagement of your main consciousness and the body is there fore obviously necessary or it would not occur.

Sleeping is not  a by-product of waking life.

In greater terms you are just as awake when you are asleep but you focus of your awareness in turned in other directions. As you know you can live for years while in a coma but you could not live for years without ever sleeping.

There is a pulsation of energy in which consciousness exercises itself using native abilities that cannot be expressed through physical orientation alone.

Your own main consciousness has the ability to travel faster than light, but those perceptions are too fast and the neurologically structured patterns that you accept cannot capture them

Cellular comprehension and reaction are too fast for you to follow. During the sleep the meeting of the body consciousness and your main consciousness requires an intense focus in which the greatest manipulation is necessary. The physical reality clicks off and on.

During the sleep a disengagement process must happen that allows each cell to regenerate. The consciousness then leaves the body. The body consciousness stays with it.

Your body’s conditions at any time is not so much the result of its own comprehension of its past history as it is of its own comprehension of future probabilities. The cells precognate.

The brain itself never sleeps since it’s endlessly involved in running the vastly complicated physiological functions of the body. Sleep for the conscious mind results when neural actifity in the reticular activating system (RAS) which screens the sensory information reaching consciousness falls below a minimum level.

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