Human Potential Energy and Consciousness

All energy contains consciousness. Attend what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find the solutions to all problems but to attend to your particular personal corner of the universe; as each person does that the world save itself.

Change the channel

Quit living unpleasant memories. The mind is very powerful. When you replay negative memories you attract similar experiences. Let those doors close. Let go of the ashes broken dreams before you receive the beauty. An exchange should take place. Refuse to look in the rear view mirror. Shake off the safe pity. It is going to take effort. What is in your future is better that is in your past. Put on a new attitude. Let it go. If a dream do dye don’t dye with it.

It is impossible to know our potentials without trying them out without testing them against the world’s edges.

We must activate our impulses and desires, try our abilities, seek out our strength by joyfully advancing into the given world of physical energy physical time and space. In the development of each individual we act and reenact the startling events that brought our won universe into existence.

The universe was not created in some dim past but is newly recreated by our own thoughts dreams and desires so that reality happens at all possible levels at once.  And we each play our part.

When we hesitate hold back falter, when we hold back energy in the hopes of saving it, when we allow fear rather than trust to guide our activities then warning  flash, one crisis after another may arise to gain our attention.

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