Both privately and en masse mankind utilizes the dream world as a preliminary working ground. From these fantasized realities and probable dreams events come all the physical accepted fats in your world of true or flse.


The wars are fought lost or won in the dream state first, and the physical rendition of history follows the thing line of only series of probabilities.


Currently we know little about our interior dream world, and the effects upon daily conscious life.


You use your beliefs like searchlights in the dream state looking for other events that fit in with your ideas about reality. Your convictions help you sift out probable actions appearing as dreams from others that do not concern you.


You have within yourself the condensed knowledge of your entire being. This information cannot appear in any complete fashion within a consciousness connected wit a physical brain. The multidimensional reality simply cannot be expressed.


In the dream state, glimpse of the multidimensional self can appear in dream imagery and fantasies that will symbolically express your greater existence.


If your conscious beliefs are causing you great distress, countering beneficial beliefs may be received from this source.


Each of your self is a part of a greater being a part of the energy from which is continually comes. In dreams your energy pulsates back toward the being that you are.


You travel back and forth each night through atmospheres and entry points of which you are not aware. In your sleep you do indeed travel again those vast distances between birth and death. Your consciousness transcends these leaps and holds its own sense of continuity.


All of this has to do with pulsation of energy and consciousness and in one way what you think of as your life is the light ray seen from another perspective.


To a far lesser extent it goes on all the time, for it represent the basis upon which your present consciousness rides.


Unconsciously you have within yourself a set of blueprint for the particular kind of physical reality you want to materialize.


A system of checks and balances exists, however so that in certain dreams you are made aware of these blueprints they may appear throughout your lifetime as recurring dreams of certain nature dreams of illumination. And you will awaked with your purpose suddenly clear.


If you want to clear up an argument tell yourself that you do so in the dream state. Request the answer to any problem and it will be given, but you must trust yourself and learn to interpret your own dreams. This will awaken your intuitive abilities and give you the knowledge that you need.

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