Peoples and Animals

Certain animals are higher life source. Many animals and insects are backdrop, and certain ones are a higher vibration.

Not all beings are the light source. Not all light beings are the light source. They are just energy to help us with our lessons, to create chaos or to work or just to live.

Certain beings go to learn lessons for the light Source. It’s  just like you are a higher being.

The others are just energy. Like making a movie when they use extras.

Those that distort the land, hurts the animals, the trees and the water. Youths should be thought  to spread the words and help heal the planet.

Adults that have gone by just doing their jobs are just angry. They want to be angry at somebody or something. Being angry, creates an emotion that is drawing  energy.

That should stop. The negative type of energy can hurt the planet.

Trust and teach higher spiritual  thinking. Talk to those with higher life source.

Earth is a beautiful planet.

New Earth will be a learning place. New Earth and the old Earth won’t  see each other. It is like they are in two time wraps.

The reality has layers. Some peoples are involved only in upper layers.

There is a holographic  world, an image that has the potential to become real, that gets activated by the image given to the others through their attention  Trough their awareness.

The image could become real. But focusing on them they could change to life.

From “Convoluted Universe Book V” by Dolores Cannon

The Future and The Past Impact The Present Events

Trough chanting, dancing playacting painting story telling man spontaneously translated inner sense data into physical actualization. The physical senses only present you with clues as to your own sensitivities.

Some individuals choose to specialize following specific lines of abilities through many existences accommodating these however to the time in they have been born. You may speak trough art or music through trance activities, but you will specialize in use of the inner senses and in translating the inner knowledge of the species bringing it to whatever lever of ordinary consciousness that is considered the official one.

Besides translating inner images into paintings for example you may unknowingly be translating sensually invisible sounds into images, or translate multidimensional images into words. The inner dimensions each separate and glowing connected prisms of knowledge that have within themselves more reality than you can presently begin to imagine.

Seth must travel from those realities wrest himself free in order to form an ever changing ever moving ever on the move entity that can speak trough Jane Roberts and be present in the same time.

Words are so composed that each one is a part of each other and there is no disconnection.

From our point of view of space and time it seems that planets have come and gone stars collapsed and when we look outward into space it appears that we look backward in space.

There are great pulsations, however in existence, pulsation that have nothing to do with time as we understand it but with intensities. In deepest of terms the world always was and always will be. It changes its patterns of activity, it comes and goes but it is always itself in its comings and goings.

Trust the great power of the universe that forms his own image, trust his spontaneity and body natural urges toward relaxation, motion and creativity, as they show themselves in their own rhythms.

World events are living multidimensional novels being formed in the present in response to both future and past triggers. The impact of the future on the past or the implications of the future on the present are highly important, and such precognitive reactions are vital, numerous and real as your ordinarily thing that the reaction to past events are.


“A Seth Book The Magical Approach Seth Speaks about the art of creative Living“ By Jane Roberts Robert F Butts and Seth



Consciousness Survival

Your consciousness will survive your body’s death but will also take on another kind of form a form that is itself composed of units of consciousness.


People think in terms of hierarchies of consciousness with humanity at the top of the list in global terms.


The Bible for example say that man is put in dominion over the animals. The divine gestalt (God) is expressed in such a way that its quality is undiluted. It cannot be that one portion of existence is somehow up or down the scale from another. It is all grade A.


People limit the capacity of conscious mind by refusing to allow it to use a larger scope of attention so that they have remanded closed and ignorant about the different varied but rich experiences of other species. Other species appear beneath humans. Peoples have allowed a certain stubborn literal mindedness to provide with definitions that served to categorize rather than illuminate other realities beside their own.


In the beginning there was a subjective world that became objective. Matter was not yet permanent, for consciousness was not stable. In the beginning there was a dream world with rich consciousness formed a dream of physical reality and gradually became awake within that world.


Mountains rose and tumbled Oceans filled. Tidal waves thundered. Islands appeared. The seasons themselves were not stable. The magnetic fields fluctuated but all the species were there at the beginning, thought in the same fashion. There was a much greater plasticity motion variety as consciousness experimented with its won forms.


The species and the environment together formed themselves in concert so that each fulfilled the requirement of all other portion of physical reality.

God learns as you learn, and make adjustments according with your knowledge.

The beginning of the world is just a step outside the moment.

Human Potential Energy and Consciousness

All energy contains consciousness. Attend what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find the solutions to all problems but to attend to your particular personal corner of the universe; as each person does that the world save itself.

Change the channel

Quit living unpleasant memories. The mind is very powerful. When you replay negative memories you attract similar experiences. Let those doors close. Let go of the ashes broken dreams before you receive the beauty. An exchange should take place. Refuse to look in the rear view mirror. Shake off the safe pity. It is going to take effort. What is in your future is better that is in your past. Put on a new attitude. Let it go. If a dream do dye don’t dye with it.

It is impossible to know our potentials without trying them out without testing them against the world’s edges.

We must activate our impulses and desires, try our abilities, seek out our strength by joyfully advancing into the given world of physical energy physical time and space. In the development of each individual we act and reenact the startling events that brought our won universe into existence.

The universe was not created in some dim past but is newly recreated by our own thoughts dreams and desires so that reality happens at all possible levels at once.  And we each play our part.

When we hesitate hold back falter, when we hold back energy in the hopes of saving it, when we allow fear rather than trust to guide our activities then warning  flash, one crisis after another may arise to gain our attention.