Dreams And Consciousness

Full Consciousness

The capacity for full conscious life is inherited in each portion of the body itself.

Otherwise its smooth synchronicity would be impossible. The brain has abilities you do not use consciously because your beliefs prevent you from initiating the proper neutral habits.

Other cultures in the past have experienced reality quite different as a result of encouraging different neutral pattern and putting experience together through different focuses.


Dreaming can be brought into focus in a far sharper fashion so that at least some of the experiences can be consciously utilized.

Dream events are partially brain recorded but the brain separates such experiences from waking events.

Dreams can provide you with experiences that is not encountered in time. The dream itself is reordered by the brain’s time sequences but in the dream itself is a duration of time that is timeless.

Theoretically certain dreams can five you a lifetime experience to draw upon though the dream itself can  take less that an hour in your time.

In a way dreams are the invisible thickness of your normal conscousness.

Many dreams do activate the brain in a ghostly fashion sparking responses that are not practically pertinent in ordinary terms. That is that they do noy require direct action but serve as anticipators of action, reminders to the brain to initiate certain actions in its future.

While the dreams do not necessitate action on the part of the whole body, , and while the mind do not register the entire dream, the dream does serve to activate biological action by releasing hormones for example.

There are also body dreams No consciousness to whatever degree  is fully manifested in the matter.

There is always constant communication between all portions of the body, but when the conscious mind is diverted that activity of the increases.

Cellular consciousness at its own level form a body dream. These do not involve pictures or words, but are rather formation of electromagnetic intent, anticipating action to be taken, and these may then serve as initiators of therapeutic dreams, in which higher levels of consciousness are psychologically made aware of certain conditions.

Many problems are anticipated through body dreams and conditions cleared at that level alone.

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