The Brain

The brain organizes activity and translate events but it does not initiate them. Events have an electromagnetic reality that is then projected onto the brain for physical activation. Our instruments pick up only certain levels of the brain activity. They do not perceive mind activity at all, except as is imprinted into the brain. Dreams are imprinted.

When one portion or one half of the brain is activated for example the corresponding portion of the other half is also activated but at level the instruments do not perceive it.

Dreaming is the full sense picture usually percept by the brain and reinforced by bodily action. Dream experiences seem out of joint or out of focus in the morning because they occur with the complexity that the brain could not handle in ordinary terms.

The mind, as the brain nonphysical counterpart decides what data will activate the brain in that regard.

The so called ancient portion of the brain (among them brainstem – limbic system) contain the mind memories. Generally speaking this means important data to which however no conscious attention need be given.

The knowledge of the body’s own biological probabilities take place at those ancient levels and at those levels there is activity that results in a cellular communication between all species.

The brain has built in  power of adaptation to an amazing degree so that innately one portion can take over for any other portion and perform its activities as well as its own.

While neural connections are specific and while learned biological behavior dominates the portions of the brain ar innately interchangeable for they are directed by the mind action.

from ” The Nature of the Psyche it’s human Expression the New Seth Book” By Jane Roberts

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