Reality and Personal Beliefs

We create our personal reality through our conscious  beliefs about ourselves others and the world. The point of power is the present not in the past of this life or any other.

We are not at the mercy of the subconscious  or helpless before forces that we cannot understand.

The conscious  mind directs unconscious  activity and has at its command all the power of the inner self.
We are gods couched in creature given the ability to form our experience as our thoughts   and feelings become actualized.

Experience  is the product of the mind the spirit conscious  thoughts  and feelings  and unconscious  thoughts and feelings . These  together form the reality that  you know.

Your thoughts point to the nature of physical events.
What exists physically  first exist in thoughts and feelings.

If you do not like your experience  you must change the nature of of your conscious  thoughts and expectations.

You must alter the kind of messages  that you are sending trough your thoughts  to your own body, to friends and associates .

Each thought  has a result. The same kind of thought habitually  repeated will seem to have a more or less permanent effect.

All consciousness  has within it the deep abiding impetus to use its abilities fully  to expand   its capacities  to venture joyfully  beyond  its barriers . They yearn toward new forms and experiences.

Even atoms constantly seek to join new organizations  of structure and meaning . They  do this instinctively .

Man has been endowed  with a conscious  mind to direct the nature shape and form of his  creations. All deep aspirations and unconscious  motivations all unspoken drives rise up for the approval  or disapproval  of the conscious  mind and await it’s directions .

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