The physical body has the potential for perceiving stimuli on a generalized basis. Although the eyes are for seeing and ears for hearing and so forth the potentials of physical body include the capacity to hear for example through any given portion of the bodily expanse.

Sound then can be felt as well as heard and you can say that the sound is felt in the depth of the tissues.

Colors may be perceived as sound (chromesthesia or colored heafing). They have connection with human moods.

Sound alone entering the body instantaneously changes it. Any perception instantly changes the perceiver. It also changes the things perceived.

Many people undergo some form of chromesthesia that is certain colors or color patterns are seen upon hearing certain sounds.

Health Profession and Physicians

The complete physician would be a person who learned to understand the dynamics of being the soul body relationship one who was healthy in his or her own body.

Unhappy people cannot teach you to be happy . Sick one cannot teach you to be well. Psychiatrists have a high suicide rate. Why do you think they can help you live happily or add to your vitality. Physicians are not the healthiest of men by far. Why do you think they can cure you

The person who is healthy understands the dynamic of health True medical profession would be literally a health profession. It will seek out people who were healthy and learn from them wow to promote health and not how to diagram disease.

This is on the most surface level however. A true healing or health profession would deal intimately with the powers of the psyche in healing the body, and with the interrelationship among the desires, beliefs and activities of the conscious mind and its effects upon the cellular behavior.

Each of us can be our own dream art scientist mental physicist and complete physician.

The idea of one universe alone is nonessential. Your reality must be seen in its relationship to others. All systems are constantly being created.

Your body blink off and on like lights. So does the physical universe.

Doctor patient relationship and feeling powerless that can beset the individual during times of illness.