Probable Events

Probable events make more sense when you think of them as latent future  ones.

The fact remains  that are probable past events that can still happen within your personal  previous experiences.

A new event can literally be born in the past now.

A new belief in the present can cause changes in the past on a neuronal  level. Present beliefs can indeed  alter the past. In some cases of healing, the spontaneous  disappearance of cancer for instance or any other disease, certain  alteration are made that affect cellular  memory, genetic codes, or neuronal  patterns in the past.

In such instances  there is a reaching into deep biological  structures  as they existed at one time at that point the probabilities are altered and their conditions are erased in your present but also in your past.

A sudden  or intense belief in health can reverse  the disease., but a very practical  way it is a reversal  in terms   of time. New memories are inserted in place of the old ones  as far as cells are concerned..

Learning is not simply paved on from living tissue to living tissue  but it is also passed through the body ‘s present corporeal reality , sometimes changing messages    to past cells that in your terms no longer exist.

In the same way a strong belief in a particular ability in the present will reach into the past and effect whatever changes  would have had to occur  there in order to make the ability apparent .

This is the reason for the results of some experiments with accelerated learning  when under hypnosis  the present belief activate latent abilities  within each person.

The biological structure as it existed in the past is affected .  Experience is built into organism that it did not have before.  It is a sort of reprogramming.

When you alter your beliefs today you also reprogram your past.

Your present is your point of action, focus and power and from that point of volition you form both your future and your past.

Realizing this you will understand that you are not at the mercy  of the past over which you have no control.

The ever changing elements of your body and your consciences  are relatively free in time. They exist in a multi dimensional with which rational consciousness  is not yet equipped  to deal.

Cellular memory  can be changed any  moment  present  beliefs can insert into the past new memory both psychologically  and physically.

The future is no predefined on basic levels. This does not means that the future cannot  be predicted sometimes for in certain terms you  will often continue with certain  lines of probability  which can be seen ahead of time.


from ““A Seth Book.  The Nature of Personal Reality” By Jane Roberts

Belief and Health

The physical constitution of your body follows beliefs, and so all of its sense data will faithfully mirror the beliefs that directs it’s activity.

Hypnosis is simply an exercise in the alteration of beliefs and only to clearly shows that these experiences follow the expectations.

The you at the present  is only one probable state of being who then directs corporeal life and frames and defines all sense of data.

When your idea  about yourself change so do your experience.

In more personal terms each individual creates his own world.

The nerve pattern causes the illusion of a present  in which your consciences  appears focused and alert.

In certain terms future events exist now, but they are too fast. They jump over the nerve endings too quickly and physically you cannot experience them as yet

Impulses possess a far different  reality that physicists or biologists suppose .

As you think now past is still occurring. The drag still leaps the synapses but is not physically recorded.

Consciously you only experience portions of events with your corporeal  structure, yet the structure itself records them.

The cells retain their memory, though you do not perceive it, and the body is aware of the so called future occurrence  though as a rule you do not consciously  sense this.

At other levels of psychic  activity however such knowledge  is also available to you but only when you disconnect your experience from the  time  activated neuronal structure and this you  can do through various  alteration  of  consciousness.

You can discover for yourself the other probable you’d that are  a portion of your being .

from ” The Nature of Personal Reality – A Seth Book” By Jane Roberts

Time Does Not Exist

Multiple existences reincarnation  existences are simultaneous and open ended. The conscious mind is growing toward the realization of the part it has to play in such multidimensional reality.

It is enough that you understand your part in this existence. When you fully comprehend that you form what you think of as your current reality, all else will fall into place.

Your beliefs thoughts and feelings are instantly materialized physically.

Their earthly reality occur simultaneously with their inception but in the world of time lapses between  appear to occur.

Your multiple lives occur as the immediate realization of your being in the natural extension of its many faceted abilities.

At once does not imply a finishing state, for all things are still happening.

You are still happening but both present and future selves, and your past self is still undergoing what you think is done.

You are still experiencing every tsunami that you do not recall that your  linear attuned consciousness cannot perceive on that level.

The rhythm of birth and death is like a breath taken and exhaled. Feel your breath. You are not it, yet it comes into you and leaves you, and without  its continuous flow you could not physically exist.

The same way your lives go in and out of you and yet not you. And a portion of you, while letting them all go, remembers them and knows their journey.

Close your eyes. Think of your breaths as lives, and you the entity through which they have passed and are passing.

Then you will feel the state if grace, and all artificial guilt will be meaningless. None of this negate the integrity of your individuality, for you are the individual entity through whom the lives flow and the unique lives that are expressed through you.

As your breath leaves you and became part of the world, free, so do your lives leave you and continue to exist in your terms.

As an animal moves through a forest , you move through psychic, psychological and mental areas in the same way. Through his senses the animal gets messages from distant areas that he cannot directly perceive, and which he is largely unaware. And so do you.


The speed of your thoughts take your thoughts away from you even as you think them and you can never examine a thought  but only a thought  of a thought.

You are everywhere  at once.

There are intervals of perceptions. You are usually  conscious of events that are significant  neurological, and neurological  timing is the end result  of an infinite series of sequences.

Those sequences are areas in which activities happen.

The invisible particles  are the framework upon which your body is formed, they move faster than the speed of light, yet you are not dizzy. You are not aware of no  such motion. You are tuned into a different   sequence  of action.

There are different  worlds operating with different  frequencies at different  intervals.

They are conscious in other times, though you are equipped to perceive your own interval structures.

Time and Genetics

Between the moments that you know there are other kinds of moments you know and neurological accept, there are other kind of moments,  other versions of time, and other kinds of accomplishment  and fulfillment  that are not dependent upon your usual ideas of growth through time.


Your thoughts are invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest  phenomenon .

I those terms is basically  impossible for any given specie to become extinct. It can disappear  for a time become unmanifest for a while in historic events.

The genetic patterns for any given species reside primarily  in that species genetic bank but that genetic bank does not exist in isolation but is invisibly connected  with the genetic make up of each other species.

There are countless  relationships between species that go unrecognized. The generations of all species interact.

The genetic cues are triggered  in response  to genetic sequences that  operate in all of the species combined.

The genetic system is not closed. That is because if the Units of Consciousness  that build up the matter are endowed with a subjective acuteness.

The environment  and it’s creatures evolve together.

Consciousness  is everywhere  in the deepest  terms because All That Is is dispersed itself through physical  reality.

All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence and purposes within it. So of course  do all peoples and all races.

Your imagination  help bring elements of the inner implied universe into actuality .

Your imaginations are not  limited by time. You can imagine past and future evènts. Your imaginations helped to form civilizations  art sciences, and when they are united with your reasoning process  can bring knowledge  about the  universe and places that you can receive in no other fashion.


Consciousness  and Units of Consciousness

The units of consciousness  are not neutral mathematical  or mechanistic. They are the smallest  imaginable  packages of consciousness  that you can imagine.

Consciousness has nothing to do with size.


There are many kinds of science.

There are a number of sciences dealing just with locomotion.

Had the human species gone into certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored technological disciplines its practical transportation system would be different and by this time more practical that it is now.

We are not talking about the plain old science we know. When sciences progress on various planes then visitations become less accidental and more planned.

Once the inhabitants of a plane have learned metal science patterns they are to great degree freed from the more regular camouflage patterns.

Many of the flying saucers appearances come from such a plane one that is much more advanced in technological sciences than earth at this time.

This is not a mental – science plane.

As the craft enters in Earth plane a distortion occurs. Its actual structure is caught in a dilemma of form between transforming itself into earth particular camouflage pattern and retaining its original pattern.

The flying saucer retains what it can of its original structure and changes what it must. This accounts for many of the conflicting reports as to shape size and color.

The flying saucer cannot stay on the Earth plane for long. The pressures that push against the saucer itself are tremendous. The struggle to be one thing or another is very great on any plane.

What they do is take quick glimpses of the Earth Plane and hold in mind that the saucer or cigar shape often seen on this planet has little relation to the structure as it is at home base.

A plane is not necessarily a planet. A plane may be one planet or may also exist where no planet is. One planet may have several planes.

Planes may also involve various aspects of apparent time.

Planes can and do intermix without the knowledge of the inhabitants of the particular planes involved.

I want to get away of the idea of a plane being a place. It might be is some cases but is not always. A plane may be a time. A plane bay be only one iota of vitality that seems to exist by itself. A plane bay be only one iota of vitality that seems to exist by itself.

A plane is something apparently divided from the rest of the universe for a time and for a reason.

A plane may cease toe be. A plane may spring up where there was none.

A plane is formed for entities as patterns for fulfillments on various levels. A plane is an isolation of elements where each one is given the most possible space in which to function.

A plane is not a cosmic location. It is often times practical that entities of their various personalities visit one plane before another.

In other terms you could say that an entity visits all planes simultaneously as it is possible for you to for you to visit a certain state country and city at one time.

You might visit the state of sorrow and joy simultaneously, and experience both emotional states.

The analogy of a plane and an emotional state is much more valid than between a plane and a geographical location, since emotional states take up no room.

Cells, CU Units of Consciousness, Psyche and History

The cells are changing. The atoms and molecules within them are always in a state of flux. The CU that are within all matter have a memory bank that would far surpass any computer. As cellular components the atoms and molecules carry memory of all the forms of which they have been part.

At deep level the cells are always working with probabilities and comparing probable actions and developments in the light of genetic information.

The most intricate behavior is involved and calculations, for instance before you can take one step or lift your finger.

This does not involve only the predictive behavior of the physical organism alone. At these levels the cellular activity includes making predictive judgments about the environments outside of the body.

You know that a chair is not going to chase you around the room for instance. Because you have a reasoning mind; but that particular kind of reasoning mind knows what it knows because at deep levels the cells are aware of the nature of probable actions.

The beliefs of the conscious mind however se t your goals and purposes. You are the one who decides to walk across the floor, and all of these inner calculations take place to help you achieve your goal.

The conscious intent therefore activates the inner mechanisms and changes the behavior of the cells and their components.

In far greater terms the goals set consciously by our species also set into operations the same kind of biological activity.

You are always making choices between probable actions and alternate courses. A choice presupposes probable actions each possible each capable of actualization within your system of reality. Your private experience is far more filled with such decisions than you usually realize.

There are tiny innocuous instances that come up daily: “ Shall I go to the movie or bowling, shall I brush my teeth mow or later? There are also more pertinent questions having to do with careers way o life or other deeper involvements. In your terms each decision you make alters the reality that you know to one degree or another.

You are a member of the species. Any choice you make privately affects it biologically and physically.

You can literally choose between health and illness upon the concentration upon the physical more than the mental or upon mental more than the physical. Such private decisions affect the genetic heritage f the species.

Your intent is all- important for you cal alter your own genetic messages within certain limits.

You can cause a cell or a group of cells to change their self-image for example and again you do this often as you healed yourselves of disease because your intent to become well.

The intent will be conscious though the means may not be. In such cases however the self-healing qualities of the cells are reinforced and the self-healing abilities of the species are also strengthened.

Your private psyche is intimately concerned with your earthly existence and in your dream state you deal with probable actions and often work out in that conditions the solutions to problems or questions that arise having to do with probable sequence of events.

On many occasions you set yourself a problem: Shall I do this or that? And from a dream in which you follow through the probable futures would result from the course available.

While you are sleeping and reaming your chemical and hormonal activity faithfully follows the courses of the dreams.

Your daily life is affected because in such a dream you deal with probable predictabilities. Each individual alive also has his and her private dreams and these help for the accepted probability sequence of the following day and of the time to come.

The personal decisions all add up to the global happenings on any given day.

The history of the species can be discovered within the psyche and true archeological events are found by bringing to light the memories that dwell within the psyche.

There are lands of the mind. The mind has its own civilizations its own personal culture and geography its own history and inclinations. The mind is connected with the physical brain and hidden in the brains there is an archeological memory.

To some extent what you know now is dependent upon what will be known and what has been known.

The past races of men live to that extent within your Now and those who will seemingly come after.

So the history of our specie can be discovered within the psyche.



From Seth, Jane Roberts, Robert F Butts

CU Units of consciousness

CU Basic units of consciousness that make up all realities.
Close systems do not exist. No system is closed. Energy flows freely from one to another or rather permeates each.

The law of inertia does not apply. It appears to be a reality only within our own framework and because our limited focus.

The CU Units of consciousness are literally in every place and time at once. They posses the greatest adaptability and a profound propensity for organization of all kinds. They act as individuals and yet each carries within it a knowledge if all other kinds of activity that is happening in any other given unit or group of units.

Coming together the units actually form the systems of reality in which they have their experience. In out system they are within the phenomenal world.

They can move backward and forward in time, but they also possess another kind of interior mobility within time. The CU ( units of consciousness) operate even within time, going backward , forward inward and outward.

Inward and outward directions of time give us a universe that seems to be fairly permanent and yet it also being created.

These inward and outward thrusting condition effectively sets up the boudaries and uniqueness of each universal system, while allowing for a constant give an take of energy among them.

No energy is ever lost. It may seem to disappear from one system but it will emerge in another. The inward and outward thrust that is not perceived is largely responsible for what we think as ordinary consecutive time.

These CU are literally indestructible. They can take any form, organize themselves in any kind of time- behavior hyphen and seem to form a reality that is completely dependent upon its apparent form and structure.

Disappearing through one of the physicists’ black holes for example, though structure and form would seem to be annihilated and time drastically altered, there would be an emergence at the other end where the whole package of universe having been close in the black hole would be reopened.

There is a the constant surge into our universe of new energy through infinite sources. The sources are CU Units of Consciousness themselves.

In their own way in certain respects the CU operate as minute but extremely potent black holes and white holes as they are presently understood by physicists at this moment.

The CU serve as source points or holes through which energy falls into our system or is attracted to it and in doing so forms it the experience of time and all the phenomenal world results.

As CU leave our system time is broken down. Its effects are no longer experienced as consecutive matter becomes more and more plastic until its mental elements become apparent.

New CU enter and leave ours system constantly. Through their great organizational structures the CU are aware of everything happening not only on the top of the moment but within all of its probabilities.

Biologically the cell is aware of all of its probable variations while in our time and structure it holds its unique position as a part of any given organ in our body.

The cell is a huge physical universe, orbiting an invisible CU Units of Conscience. CU will always be invisible beyond the smallest phenomenon that we can perceive with any kind of instrument.

The EE units represent the stage of emergence the threshold point that practically activates the CU.

This is inward and outward thrust of time and from it flows the consecutive appearance of the moment. Thrusting gives dimensions to time that we have not even begun to understand.

We live on the surface of the moments with no understanding of the unrecognized and unofficial realities that lie beneath.

Cellular structure maintains brilliantly effectiveness in the body’s present reality but knows itself free of it.

Man’s particular kind of consciousness is fiercely idendentified with the body. This was a necessity to focus energy toward physical manipulation.

from “The Unknown Reality A Seth Book” By Jane Roberts Seth and Robert F Butts