The speed of your thoughts take your thoughts away from you even as you think them and you can never examine a thought  but only a thought  of a thought.

You are everywhere  at once.

There are intervals of perceptions. You are usually  conscious of events that are significant  neurological, and neurological  timing is the end result  of an infinite series of sequences.

Those sequences are areas in which activities happen.

The invisible particles  are the framework upon which your body is formed, they move faster than the speed of light, yet you are not dizzy. You are not aware of no  such motion. You are tuned into a different   sequence  of action.

There are different  worlds operating with different  frequencies at different  intervals.

They are conscious in other times, though you are equipped to perceive your own interval structures.

Time and Genetics

Between the moments that you know there are other kinds of moments you know and neurological accept, there are other kind of moments,  other versions of time, and other kinds of accomplishment  and fulfillment  that are not dependent upon your usual ideas of growth through time.


Your thoughts are invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest  phenomenon .

I those terms is basically  impossible for any given specie to become extinct. It can disappear  for a time become unmanifest for a while in historic events.

The genetic patterns for any given species reside primarily  in that species genetic bank but that genetic bank does not exist in isolation but is invisibly connected  with the genetic make up of each other species.

There are countless  relationships between species that go unrecognized. The generations of all species interact.

The genetic cues are triggered  in response  to genetic sequences that  operate in all of the species combined.

The genetic system is not closed. That is because if the Units of Consciousness  that build up the matter are endowed with a subjective acuteness.

The environment  and it’s creatures evolve together.

Consciousness  is everywhere  in the deepest  terms because All That Is is dispersed itself through physical  reality.

All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence and purposes within it. So of course  do all peoples and all races.

Your imagination  help bring elements of the inner implied universe into actuality .

Your imaginations are not  limited by time. You can imagine past and future evènts. Your imaginations helped to form civilizations  art sciences, and when they are united with your reasoning process  can bring knowledge  about the  universe and places that you can receive in no other fashion.


Consciousness  and Units of Consciousness

The units of consciousness  are not neutral mathematical  or mechanistic. They are the smallest  imaginable  packages of consciousness  that you can imagine.

Consciousness has nothing to do with size.

Animal Consciousness

The consciousness of animals has his has its own purposes and intents. Animals are slaughters under the most cruel circumstances for human consumption for then they are treated simply as food stuff.

It seldom occurred to anyone that certain forms of animal consciousness came in physical form by choice, that certain species are prized by man and protected or that the consciousness of such animal had anything at all to do with such an overall arrangement.

Man is more part of nature that he realize it and in the greater realm of activity he cannot take any actions with which the rest of nature does not agree for its own reasons.

Animals can communicate with man and man can communicate with other species with all species. Such communication has always gone on. Man cannot afford to become aware of such communication at this point simply because our entire culture is based upon the idea of the animal natural subordinate position.

The men that slaughter animals cannot afford to treat those animals as possessors of living consciousness.

There is beneath it all an important unity. A sense of communion as one portion of earth’s living consciousness dies to insure the continued life of all nature.

The natural sacrament however turns into something else entirely when the gift is so misunderstood and when the donor is treated so poorly.

Many animals enjoy work and purpose. They enjoy working with man. Horses enjoyed the contribution they made to man’s world. They understood their riders far more that the riders understood them.

Many dogs enjoy being family protection. There are deep emotional bonds between men and many species of animals.

There is emotional response. Dolphins for example respond emotionally to man’s world. The animals of an farm are emotionally aware of the overall psychological content of the farmer’s life and that of each member of his family.

Consciousness is filled with content. The farmer’s animals understand that in a certain fashion he is a midwife responsible for some of their births. Food comes from his hands.

The animals understand on their own that life on any terms that are physical ends with death that the physical properties must be returned to the earth from which they came.

Animals do not blame human beings for anything.

We have forgotten as society how much we learned from animals. We learned a good deal of medicine from watching the animal behavior. We learned what plants to avoid and which to cultivate. We learned how to rid of lice by going into the water. We learned social behavior by watching animals.

At one time we could identify ourselves with animals and they with us.

Domesticated animals have their own reasons for choosing such a state. Cats for example in nature explore one kind of nature.  In wilderness will be far fewer cats. They might choose to eat minces.

The household cat is exploring a different kind of nature in which he has a certain relationship to human consciousness, a reality that changes the reality of his particular kind of consciousness.

The household cats understand their relationship with the human reality. They enjoy contributing to your life as much as any wild animal enjoys being a part of its group.

There is no such thing as a cat consciousness or a bird consciousness. There are instead simply consciousnesses that choose to take certain focuses. Then there is no prepackaged predestined particular consciousness that is meant to be human either.

from A Seth Book Dream Evolution and Value Fulfillment by Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts

CU Units of consciousness

CU Basic units of consciousness that make up all realities.
Close systems do not exist. No system is closed. Energy flows freely from one to another or rather permeates each.

The law of inertia does not apply. It appears to be a reality only within our own framework and because our limited focus.

The CU Units of consciousness are literally in every place and time at once. They posses the greatest adaptability and a profound propensity for organization of all kinds. They act as individuals and yet each carries within it a knowledge if all other kinds of activity that is happening in any other given unit or group of units.

Coming together the units actually form the systems of reality in which they have their experience. In out system they are within the phenomenal world.

They can move backward and forward in time, but they also possess another kind of interior mobility within time. The CU ( units of consciousness) operate even within time, going backward , forward inward and outward.

Inward and outward directions of time give us a universe that seems to be fairly permanent and yet it also being created.

These inward and outward thrusting condition effectively sets up the boudaries and uniqueness of each universal system, while allowing for a constant give an take of energy among them.

No energy is ever lost. It may seem to disappear from one system but it will emerge in another. The inward and outward thrust that is not perceived is largely responsible for what we think as ordinary consecutive time.

These CU are literally indestructible. They can take any form, organize themselves in any kind of time- behavior hyphen and seem to form a reality that is completely dependent upon its apparent form and structure.

Disappearing through one of the physicists’ black holes for example, though structure and form would seem to be annihilated and time drastically altered, there would be an emergence at the other end where the whole package of universe having been close in the black hole would be reopened.

There is a the constant surge into our universe of new energy through infinite sources. The sources are CU Units of Consciousness themselves.

In their own way in certain respects the CU operate as minute but extremely potent black holes and white holes as they are presently understood by physicists at this moment.

The CU serve as source points or holes through which energy falls into our system or is attracted to it and in doing so forms it the experience of time and all the phenomenal world results.

As CU leave our system time is broken down. Its effects are no longer experienced as consecutive matter becomes more and more plastic until its mental elements become apparent.

New CU enter and leave ours system constantly. Through their great organizational structures the CU are aware of everything happening not only on the top of the moment but within all of its probabilities.

Biologically the cell is aware of all of its probable variations while in our time and structure it holds its unique position as a part of any given organ in our body.

The cell is a huge physical universe, orbiting an invisible CU Units of Conscience. CU will always be invisible beyond the smallest phenomenon that we can perceive with any kind of instrument.

The EE units represent the stage of emergence the threshold point that practically activates the CU.

This is inward and outward thrust of time and from it flows the consecutive appearance of the moment. Thrusting gives dimensions to time that we have not even begun to understand.

We live on the surface of the moments with no understanding of the unrecognized and unofficial realities that lie beneath.

Cellular structure maintains brilliantly effectiveness in the body’s present reality but knows itself free of it.

Man’s particular kind of consciousness is fiercely idendentified with the body. This was a necessity to focus energy toward physical manipulation.

from “The Unknown Reality A Seth Book” By Jane Roberts Seth and Robert F Butts