Dreams and Unpredictability

The world we know arise from basic unpredictability from which significance emerge. No system of reality is closed.
The particular string of probable actions that we call official experience it interweaves with other such strands that you do not recognize.

In the walking the conscious mind must focus exclusively upon that one particular point of concentration that we call reality, simply so that it can direct your activities properly in temporal life.

The mind is quite equipped to direct you to some extent in other levels of reality when it is not needed for specific survival duties.

The blueprints for reality are relatively invisible because you allowed yourselves to forget their existence.

To pursue certain goals you pretended that they did not exist .

The global situation as a race requires the new acquisition of some ancient arts They can permit you to become acquainted with other inward order of events and the rich bed of probabilities.

These arts are useless if they are not practiced. To use these arts requires first the knowledge that beneath the world you know is another that alongside the focus of consciousness with which you are familiar thee ae other focuses quite as legitimate.

You all dream but there are few great dream artists. The conscious art of creating understanding and using dreams has been largely lost

The intimate relationship between daily life world events and dreams is almost completely ignored.

Ancient civilizations including Egyptians knew hot to be conscious directors of dream activity hot to delve into various levels of dream reality to the front of creativity and they were able to use that source of material in their physical world.

Cellular life is affected by your dreams. Healings can take place in the dream state where events at another order of existence alter the cells themselves.

Each person can initiate such private journeys. These dream expeditions throw great light on the nature of personal daily experience and they will also provide personal knowledge of the way in which probabilities operate.

You have divorced your walking and dreaming experience that it seems you have separate lives and that there is little connection between your waking and dreaming hours. The rich tapestry of probable actions from which you choose your official life becomes just as invisible.

From the Unknown reality a Seth Book by Jane Roberts Seth and Robert F Butts