The physical body has the potential for perceiving stimuli on a generalized basis. Although the eyes are for seeing and ears for hearing and so forth the potentials of physical body include the capacity to hear for example through any given portion of the bodily expanse.

Sound then can be felt as well as heard and you can say that the sound is felt in the depth of the tissues.

Colors may be perceived as sound (chromesthesia or colored heafing). They have connection with human moods.

Sound alone entering the body instantaneously changes it. Any perception instantly changes the perceiver. It also changes the things perceived.

Many people undergo some form of chromesthesia that is certain colors or color patterns are seen upon hearing certain sounds.

Sounds and Tones

The spin of electrons is faster than the cellular composition.  The faster speeds of the electrons somehow give the cells their boundaries.

As the seed falls blown by the wind in any environment , so there’s a seed of personality that rides on the wings of itself and falls into the worlds of many times and places. Falling with a sound that is its own true tone, struck in different chords.

Sounds are aware of their own separateness gloriously unique, and each one is merging into a symphony.

Each sound recognize itself as itself, yet it’s aware of the infinite other multidimnous sounds it makes in other realities.

Each cell strikes in the same fashion, and so does the self; Self is a kaleidoscope in which each slightest variation has meaning and affects the individual notes made by all.

A note that finds its own true tone, and when it does nothing else makes sense. When you find your own true tone you recognize it and you’ve got it made. You know your own meaning in the universe, even if you can’t verbalize it.

Each of us possesses certain qualities of feelings uniquely our own that are like deep musical cords. These feeling- tones pervade your being. They are the form your spirit takes whin combined with flesh.

The feeling tone is the motion and fiber and timbre of your energy devoted to your physical experience.