The speed of your thoughts take your thoughts away from you even as you think them and you can never examine a thought  but only a thought  of a thought.

You are everywhere  at once.

There are intervals of perceptions. You are usually  conscious of events that are significant  neurological, and neurological  timing is the end result  of an infinite series of sequences.

Those sequences are areas in which activities happen.

The invisible particles  are the framework upon which your body is formed, they move faster than the speed of light, yet you are not dizzy. You are not aware of no  such motion. You are tuned into a different   sequence  of action.

There are different  worlds operating with different  frequencies at different  intervals.

They are conscious in other times, though you are equipped to perceive your own interval structures.

Time and Genetics

Between the moments that you know there are other kinds of moments you know and neurological accept, there are other kind of moments,  other versions of time, and other kinds of accomplishment  and fulfillment  that are not dependent upon your usual ideas of growth through time.


Your thoughts are invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest  phenomenon .

I those terms is basically  impossible for any given specie to become extinct. It can disappear  for a time become unmanifest for a while in historic events.

The genetic patterns for any given species reside primarily  in that species genetic bank but that genetic bank does not exist in isolation but is invisibly connected  with the genetic make up of each other species.

There are countless  relationships between species that go unrecognized. The generations of all species interact.

The genetic cues are triggered  in response  to genetic sequences that  operate in all of the species combined.

The genetic system is not closed. That is because if the Units of Consciousness  that build up the matter are endowed with a subjective acuteness.

The environment  and it’s creatures evolve together.

Consciousness  is everywhere  in the deepest  terms because All That Is is dispersed itself through physical  reality.

All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence and purposes within it. So of course  do all peoples and all races.

Your imagination  help bring elements of the inner implied universe into actuality .

Your imaginations are not  limited by time. You can imagine past and future evènts. Your imaginations helped to form civilizations  art sciences, and when they are united with your reasoning process  can bring knowledge  about the  universe and places that you can receive in no other fashion.


Consciousness  and Units of Consciousness

The units of consciousness  are not neutral mathematical  or mechanistic. They are the smallest  imaginable  packages of consciousness  that you can imagine.

Consciousness has nothing to do with size.

Animal Consciousness

The consciousness of animals has his has its own purposes and intents. Animals are slaughters under the most cruel circumstances for human consumption for then they are treated simply as food stuff.

It seldom occurred to anyone that certain forms of animal consciousness came in physical form by choice, that certain species are prized by man and protected or that the consciousness of such animal had anything at all to do with such an overall arrangement.

Man is more part of nature that he realize it and in the greater realm of activity he cannot take any actions with which the rest of nature does not agree for its own reasons.

Animals can communicate with man and man can communicate with other species with all species. Such communication has always gone on. Man cannot afford to become aware of such communication at this point simply because our entire culture is based upon the idea of the animal natural subordinate position.

The men that slaughter animals cannot afford to treat those animals as possessors of living consciousness.

There is beneath it all an important unity. A sense of communion as one portion of earth’s living consciousness dies to insure the continued life of all nature.

The natural sacrament however turns into something else entirely when the gift is so misunderstood and when the donor is treated so poorly.

Many animals enjoy work and purpose. They enjoy working with man. Horses enjoyed the contribution they made to man’s world. They understood their riders far more that the riders understood them.

Many dogs enjoy being family protection. There are deep emotional bonds between men and many species of animals.

There is emotional response. Dolphins for example respond emotionally to man’s world. The animals of an farm are emotionally aware of the overall psychological content of the farmer’s life and that of each member of his family.

Consciousness is filled with content. The farmer’s animals understand that in a certain fashion he is a midwife responsible for some of their births. Food comes from his hands.

The animals understand on their own that life on any terms that are physical ends with death that the physical properties must be returned to the earth from which they came.

Animals do not blame human beings for anything.

We have forgotten as society how much we learned from animals. We learned a good deal of medicine from watching the animal behavior. We learned what plants to avoid and which to cultivate. We learned how to rid of lice by going into the water. We learned social behavior by watching animals.

At one time we could identify ourselves with animals and they with us.

Domesticated animals have their own reasons for choosing such a state. Cats for example in nature explore one kind of nature.  In wilderness will be far fewer cats. They might choose to eat minces.

The household cat is exploring a different kind of nature in which he has a certain relationship to human consciousness, a reality that changes the reality of his particular kind of consciousness.

The household cats understand their relationship with the human reality. They enjoy contributing to your life as much as any wild animal enjoys being a part of its group.

There is no such thing as a cat consciousness or a bird consciousness. There are instead simply consciousnesses that choose to take certain focuses. Then there is no prepackaged predestined particular consciousness that is meant to be human either.

from A Seth Book Dream Evolution and Value Fulfillment by Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts

Cells, CU Units of Consciousness, Psyche and History

The cells are changing. The atoms and molecules within them are always in a state of flux. The CU that are within all matter have a memory bank that would far surpass any computer. As cellular components the atoms and molecules carry memory of all the forms of which they have been part.

At deep level the cells are always working with probabilities and comparing probable actions and developments in the light of genetic information.

The most intricate behavior is involved and calculations, for instance before you can take one step or lift your finger.

This does not involve only the predictive behavior of the physical organism alone. At these levels the cellular activity includes making predictive judgments about the environments outside of the body.

You know that a chair is not going to chase you around the room for instance. Because you have a reasoning mind; but that particular kind of reasoning mind knows what it knows because at deep levels the cells are aware of the nature of probable actions.

The beliefs of the conscious mind however se t your goals and purposes. You are the one who decides to walk across the floor, and all of these inner calculations take place to help you achieve your goal.

The conscious intent therefore activates the inner mechanisms and changes the behavior of the cells and their components.

In far greater terms the goals set consciously by our species also set into operations the same kind of biological activity.

You are always making choices between probable actions and alternate courses. A choice presupposes probable actions each possible each capable of actualization within your system of reality. Your private experience is far more filled with such decisions than you usually realize.

There are tiny innocuous instances that come up daily: “ Shall I go to the movie or bowling, shall I brush my teeth mow or later? There are also more pertinent questions having to do with careers way o life or other deeper involvements. In your terms each decision you make alters the reality that you know to one degree or another.

You are a member of the species. Any choice you make privately affects it biologically and physically.

You can literally choose between health and illness upon the concentration upon the physical more than the mental or upon mental more than the physical. Such private decisions affect the genetic heritage f the species.

Your intent is all- important for you cal alter your own genetic messages within certain limits.

You can cause a cell or a group of cells to change their self-image for example and again you do this often as you healed yourselves of disease because your intent to become well.

The intent will be conscious though the means may not be. In such cases however the self-healing qualities of the cells are reinforced and the self-healing abilities of the species are also strengthened.

Your private psyche is intimately concerned with your earthly existence and in your dream state you deal with probable actions and often work out in that conditions the solutions to problems or questions that arise having to do with probable sequence of events.

On many occasions you set yourself a problem: Shall I do this or that? And from a dream in which you follow through the probable futures would result from the course available.

While you are sleeping and reaming your chemical and hormonal activity faithfully follows the courses of the dreams.

Your daily life is affected because in such a dream you deal with probable predictabilities. Each individual alive also has his and her private dreams and these help for the accepted probability sequence of the following day and of the time to come.

The personal decisions all add up to the global happenings on any given day.

The history of the species can be discovered within the psyche and true archeological events are found by bringing to light the memories that dwell within the psyche.

There are lands of the mind. The mind has its own civilizations its own personal culture and geography its own history and inclinations. The mind is connected with the physical brain and hidden in the brains there is an archeological memory.

To some extent what you know now is dependent upon what will be known and what has been known.

The past races of men live to that extent within your Now and those who will seemingly come after.

So the history of our specie can be discovered within the psyche.



From Seth, Jane Roberts, Robert F Butts

The Future and The Past Impact The Present Events

Trough chanting, dancing playacting painting story telling man spontaneously translated inner sense data into physical actualization. The physical senses only present you with clues as to your own sensitivities.

Some individuals choose to specialize following specific lines of abilities through many existences accommodating these however to the time in they have been born. You may speak trough art or music through trance activities, but you will specialize in use of the inner senses and in translating the inner knowledge of the species bringing it to whatever lever of ordinary consciousness that is considered the official one.

Besides translating inner images into paintings for example you may unknowingly be translating sensually invisible sounds into images, or translate multidimensional images into words. The inner dimensions each separate and glowing connected prisms of knowledge that have within themselves more reality than you can presently begin to imagine.

Seth must travel from those realities wrest himself free in order to form an ever changing ever moving ever on the move entity that can speak trough Jane Roberts and be present in the same time.

Words are so composed that each one is a part of each other and there is no disconnection.

From our point of view of space and time it seems that planets have come and gone stars collapsed and when we look outward into space it appears that we look backward in space.

There are great pulsations, however in existence, pulsation that have nothing to do with time as we understand it but with intensities. In deepest of terms the world always was and always will be. It changes its patterns of activity, it comes and goes but it is always itself in its comings and goings.

Trust the great power of the universe that forms his own image, trust his spontaneity and body natural urges toward relaxation, motion and creativity, as they show themselves in their own rhythms.

World events are living multidimensional novels being formed in the present in response to both future and past triggers. The impact of the future on the past or the implications of the future on the present are highly important, and such precognitive reactions are vital, numerous and real as your ordinarily thing that the reaction to past events are.


“A Seth Book The Magical Approach Seth Speaks about the art of creative Living“ By Jane Roberts Robert F Butts and Seth



The Intellect

One of the intellect main purposes in to give you a conscious coice in a world of probabilities. To do that properly the intellect is to make clear concise decision in its level of matters that are its concern and therefore to present its own picture of reality to ad to the entire construct.

Men and women rediscover the larger sense  of identity that accepts intuition and feelings the dream and the magic hopes as vital characteristics of personhood.

You do not need to identify with your intellect alone, but enlarge your scopes of identity. Automatically those other often shunted aside characteristics begin to add their richness fulfillment and vitality to your live effortlessly.

Creative activity goes with you all the time and often is most active when you are not aware of it.

Some answers come when you are ready for them. Then they come naturally as a matter of understanding and comprehension.

The intellect is far more socially oriented than is generally understood. Intellect is a cultural phenomenon. It is amazingly resilient in that  according the belief structures of any given historical period using reasoning to bring the world picture into focus.

Like statistics the reasoning abilities can be used to come to almost any conclusion.

When any system of reasoning is too rigid, there are always adjustments made that will allow other information to intrude otherwise the belief system will never change.

Humanity shares with the other species a feeling of kinship for its kind. Their is a great give and take of ideas. You end up with a consensus as to what a reasonable picture of agreed upon reality is.

The intellect is socially oriented. It wants to see the world as it is seen by the mind s of others.

The intellect then helps to translate its own natural proposes and intents in their proper cultural context so that those purposes and intents literally change the world.

The intellect expectations and intent spontaneously and automatically trigger the proper bodily mechanisms to bring about the necessary environmental interactions and your intent as expressed through your intellect directs your experience of the world.

There are backup systems. If the intellect believes that the world is a threat to existence then that belief will alter its intents and therefore the body’s activities.

The beliefs of the intellect operates as powerful suggestions particularly when the intellect identifies with those beliefs that it holds a s truths.

from “A seth Book – The Magical Approach Seth Speak about the art of Creative Living” By Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts and Seth