Laws of Physical Life, Emotions, Knowledge, Education

Laws of Physical Life

You cannot discover other levels of your own reality if you insist upon applying the laws of physical life to your own larger experience.

The true facts are that you exist in this life and outside simultaneously. You are between lives and in lives at once. The deeper dimensions of reality are such that your thoughts and actions not only affect the live you know, but alos reach into all of those other simultaneous existences. What you think now is unconsciously perceived by some hypothetical 14-th century self. The psyche is open ended. No system is closed, psychological systems least of all.

Your life is a dreaming experience to other portions of your greater reality which focus elsewhere.  Their experiences are also a part of your dream heritage.

If you learn to know yourself better in daily life to become more fully aware even of your early life you will indeed receive other information that hints of deeper inner more supportive reality in which physical existence rests.

The inner reality is the creative source of the physical one.


We normally organize our experiences in terms of time. The psyche deals largely with associative process and organizes events trough association. Associations are tied together by emotional experience. In a large manner the emotions defy time.


When you are in touch with your psyche you experience direct knowledge. Direct knowledge is comprehension. When you are dreaming you experience direct knowledge about yourself and about the world. You are comprehending your own being in a different way.

Your own focus determine the information that is available to you. Your desire automatically attracts the kind of information you require through you may not be aware of it.


Education should serve to introduce the student to as many fields of endeavor as possible, to the he r she might recognize those that serve as natural triggers opening skills or furthering the development. The student will then pick and choose.

Past and future knowledge is quite accessible. There are probable future from the point view of your past. Theoretically future information is available just as the body’s future pattern of development was at your birth.

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