The behaviors of electrons elude our technological knowledge. We perceive the façade, an appearance or illusion. The electrons have a multidimensional activity.

The blueprints for reality lie even beneath the electrons activity. As long as we think in terms of subatomic particles we are basically of the track or even when we think in terms of waves.

The idea of interrelated fields comes closer, yet even here we are changing one type of term one like it. In all of these cases we are ignoring the reality of consciousness and its gestalt formation and manifestation. Until we perceive the innate consciousness behind any visible or invisible manifestation, then we put a definite barrier to our knowledge

The electron’s spin determine time sequences from our view point. In those terms reverse spin determine reverse time motion.

Electrons spin in many directions at once an effect impossible for us to perceive. We can only terrorize about it.

There are electromagnetic momentums achieved and maintained certain stabilities that operate and maintain their own integrity, though these may not be equal at all portions of the spin. There are equalities set up between inequalities.

Time is spinning newly backward and as it is spinning into the future. And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.

There are unequal thrusts in all directions though equalities can be ascertained by concentrating only upon certain portions of the spin.

fron “The Unknown Reality -A Seth Book” By Jane Roberts Seth and Robert F Butts