Sleepwalkers and Spacious Present


Imagine a body with a fully operating body consciousness not diseases or defective but without the overriding ego directed consciousness that you have. The sleepwalkers physical abilities surpassed yours. They were as agile as animals their purpose simple to be.

Their main points of consciousness were elsewhere, their primary focuses scarcely aware of the body they had created.

Yet they learned trough experience and began to awaked to become aware of themselves to discover time or to create it.

They were not asleep to themselves only forms your view point. There were several such races of human beings. To them the real was the dream life which contained the highest stimuli. Such races left the physical earth as much as they found it. They did not saddle the body with negative beliefs of disease or limitations. They did not age to the extent that you do.

Spacious Present

The beginning is now. The critical explosion of divine subjectivity into objectivity is always happening, and you are being given life in each moment because of the simultaneous nature of the divine subjectivity.

The spacious present is large enough to contain all of time segments. Mental exercises will allow you to leap over the tradition of time’s framework.

from ” A Seth Book  Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfillment” by Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts