Psychological Activity Units of Consciousness Light Spectrum and Thoughts

Each unit of consciousness if s fragment of All that It Is a divine portion.

It is the great activity in the dream state that allows you as psychological and physical creatures to recognize and inhabit the world as you know it.


There must be an exchange of energy for the world to continue. When man awakened in his physical body and specialized the use of its senses he no longer perceived the dream body.


He retained the memory of his earlier knowledge for a considerable time and he could now recapture that knowledge. What make him feel good was good.

He also helped to bring up the highest potential in other species of consciousness.

The colors that you are aware represent a very small portion of light entire spectrum, the spectrum you recognize represents only one inconceivably small portion of other fuller spectrum.  Spectrum that exists outside of physical laws.


So called empty spaces in your living room between objects or the seemingly empty spaces between stars are physical representations for all of space is filled with the units of consciousness alive with a light from which the very fires of life are lit.


That light is everywhere at once and is knowing light. One certain occasions, sometimes near point of death but often simply in conscious states man is able to perceive that kind of light.


Psychological activity is not limited by any of the physical laws that you know. Thought has properties that you may not perceive properties that only affect matter but that form their own greater patterns outside your reality. They follow their own laws of physics.

In the psychological universe it is possible for entities to be everywhere at once. Our world is composed of such entities, units of consciousness that form our body.

Human Consciousness, Frameworks, The Energy of Life

Human Consciousness


Human consciousness is in a state of transition; is not a finished product, is meant to develop.


Unconsciously each individual participates in the forming of the world; some are aware of the same activities only in regards of many realities rather that one.


Evolution of one’s soul means the increasing capacity for understanding and expanding the scope or our abilities.




Framework represents the sphere of action. One sphere of action is the physical space. Another framework is the inner mental and psychic realm from which the present experience springs.


There are realms of ever –spiraling states of existence in which different kinds of consciousness meet and communicate. This are not impersonal realms but are involved in intimate interactions.


We need to keep the mind opened and without preconceived ideas. Our own development triggers certain psychic activity that then triggers further growth.


The acts of creativity are best approached in Framework 2 for those acts always involve leaps of faith and inspiration and breaking of barriers. The context of books written come from outside out time. Art of a painter is drawn from Framework 2 when he might unconsciously compare hundreds of landscape viewed in the past in multitudinous forgotten hues that splashed upon grass or trees or as he seeks new creative combinations.


The writer or the artist also brings more into his work than the simple ability to writhe or paint. In one way or another his experience is involved; we talk about Framework 1. Each private reality has its existence in an eternal creativity from which our world springs.


In the Framework 1 life is based on the idea that we have only so much energy that will wear out, and certain expenditure of energy will produce a given amount of work; in other words that applied effort of a certain kind will produce the best results. All of this presupposes the fact that no new energy is inserted into the world. The source of the world would therefore seem no longer to exist, having worn itself out in the effort to produce physical phenomena.


The Energy of Life


The Energy of life is inserted constantly into our world in a way that has nothing to do with our so called physical laws.


The Universe expands as and idea does .


The greater life of each creature exists in that framework which originally gave it birth and in a greater manner of speaking each creature regardless of age is constantly reborn.


From “Jane Roberts the individual and the Nature of Mass Events a Seth Book ” Notes by Robert E Butts.