Souls come from light.

Sometimes people are limiting themselves with beliefs of limitation. Souls are unlimited.

We have tremendous capacities . Much of these capacities we do not use. We used them before in many other lifetimes.

We create life based on  limitations. We accept limitations. It is not necessary  to accept limitations.

We get caught up in the culture and what people conditions  us to believe. That needs to change.

Communication  it is about planting seeds, sowing  the seeds wide, and media is the way to reach many.

The present is the focus. What you are what you not be dragging  the karma. Let  go.

It is an exciting potential  for the planet.

from” Convoluted Universe 5″ By Dolores Cannon

Natural Law

You were born with an in built recognition of your own goodness. You were born with your rightness in the universe. You were born with a desire to fulfill your abilities, to move and act in the world. You are born loving.

You are born compassionate. You are born curious about yourself and your world. You are born knowing that you possess a unique intimate sense of being, that is itself that seeks its on fulfillment and the fulfillment of others.

You are born seeking to add value to the quality of life, to add characteristics energies, abilities to life that only you can individually contribute to the world an to attain a state of being that is uniquely yours while adding to the value fulfillment of the world.

from “Jane Roberts The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” a Seth Book Notes by Robert E Butts.