The speed of your thoughts take your thoughts away from you even as you think them and you can never examine a thought  but only a thought  of a thought.

You are everywhere  at once.

There are intervals of perceptions. You are usually  conscious of events that are significant  neurological, and neurological  timing is the end result  of an infinite series of sequences.

Those sequences are areas in which activities happen.

The invisible particles  are the framework upon which your body is formed, they move faster than the speed of light, yet you are not dizzy. You are not aware of no  such motion. You are tuned into a different   sequence  of action.

There are different  worlds operating with different  frequencies at different  intervals.

They are conscious in other times, though you are equipped to perceive your own interval structures.

Time and Genetics

Between the moments that you know there are other kinds of moments you know and neurological accept, there are other kind of moments,  other versions of time, and other kinds of accomplishment  and fulfillment  that are not dependent upon your usual ideas of growth through time.


Your thoughts are invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest  phenomenon .

I those terms is basically  impossible for any given specie to become extinct. It can disappear  for a time become unmanifest for a while in historic events.

The genetic patterns for any given species reside primarily  in that species genetic bank but that genetic bank does not exist in isolation but is invisibly connected  with the genetic make up of each other species.

There are countless  relationships between species that go unrecognized. The generations of all species interact.

The genetic cues are triggered  in response  to genetic sequences that  operate in all of the species combined.

The genetic system is not closed. That is because if the Units of Consciousness  that build up the matter are endowed with a subjective acuteness.

The environment  and it’s creatures evolve together.

Consciousness  is everywhere  in the deepest  terms because All That Is is dispersed itself through physical  reality.

All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence and purposes within it. So of course  do all peoples and all races.

Your imagination  help bring elements of the inner implied universe into actuality .

Your imaginations are not  limited by time. You can imagine past and future evènts. Your imaginations helped to form civilizations  art sciences, and when they are united with your reasoning process  can bring knowledge  about the  universe and places that you can receive in no other fashion.


Consciousness  and Units of Consciousness

The units of consciousness  are not neutral mathematical  or mechanistic. They are the smallest  imaginable  packages of consciousness  that you can imagine.

Consciousness has nothing to do with size.

Cells Consciousness Greater Self

As an animal moves trough a forest you move through psychic psychological and mental areas in the same way.  Through his senses the animal gets messages form distant areas that he cannot directly perceive, and of which he is largely unaware.  And so do you.


Each cell has its own memory. The self memory is of greater dimension. Think of the greater you ; call it the entity as forming a psychic structure quite as real as your physical one, but composed of many selves. As each cell of your body has its position within your corporal space and boundaries so each self within the entity is aware of its own time and dimension of activit

The body is a temporal structure. The cells however while a part of this body are not aware of the entire dimensions in which your consciousness dwells.


Your present consciousness physically rests upon cellular awareness.


So the entity or greater psychic structure of which you are a part is aware of much larger dimensions of activity than you are, yet in the same way its more sophisticated consciousness rests upon your own, and one is necessary to the other..


Think of the  self as one message leaping across the nerve cells of a multidimensional structure and consider it as a greater moment of reflection on the part of such a many sided personality.


You are more that a message passing through the vast reaches of a super self. You are not lost in the universe.


The feeling of grace is your emotional recognition of the necessity purpose and freedom the innate appreciation of your rightness and your place in existence.


Your conscious ideas expectations and beliefs direct the health and activity of the cells  The cells do not have free will in your terms. They have the innate capacity to form other organizations but not while affiliated with you. To leave you they must change their form. They also help maintain your health.


In terms of consciousness the entity ore greater you knows as much more than you know as you know more than your cells.


You do however have free will for while the entity’s psychic structure can be compared to the body it is a part of and inhabits far greater dimensions.  In your daily experience is connected with your self or entity as it si with the cells of your physical form.


Your idea of reality and its experience is much different than that of any cell yet each is interconnected.