Electrons and Units of Consciousness


Electrons are precognitive and so is our cellular consciousness. Our body relative permanence in time is dependent upon the electron’s behavior as it deals with probabilities.


The cell’s stability and its reliability in the bodily environment is dependent upon its innate properties of instant communication and instant decision, for each cell is in communication with all others and is united with all others through fields of consciousness. In which each entity play a part.


At one level the cells obey the rules of time but on another levels they defy it. Events are not built initially from physical particles. They are the result of psychological activity.


In the beginning you were only aware of that psychological activity. It had not as yet thickened itself into form. The form was there but it was not manifest. Instead of small particles you had small units of consciousness gradually building themselves into large ones. Each unit of consciousness contains within itself the innate heritage of All That Is or God.


Conscious mind is not the only conscious that you possess. It is the only one you are aware of.


Units of Consciousness


CU – Units of Consciousness are the building blocks of matter. They form physical matter as it exists in our understanding and experience.


Units of Consciousness form other kinds of matter that we do not perceive. They operate as particle and as waves. Whichever way they operate they are aware of their own existence..


When they operate as particles they build up continuity in time. They identify themselves by the establishment of specific boundaries.


When CU operates as waves they do not set up any boundaries about their self awarness and can be in more than one place at one time.


In its purest form the units of consciousness can be in all places at the same time. When it operates as a wave a unit of consciousness is precognitive, or clairvoyant since it has the capacity to e in all places and all times simultaneously.