Cells, CU Units of Consciousness, Psyche and History

The cells are changing. The atoms and molecules within them are always in a state of flux. The CU that are within all matter have a memory bank that would far surpass any computer. As cellular components the atoms and molecules carry memory of all the forms of which they have been part.

At deep level the cells are always working with probabilities and comparing probable actions and developments in the light of genetic information.

The most intricate behavior is involved and calculations, for instance before you can take one step or lift your finger.

This does not involve only the predictive behavior of the physical organism alone. At these levels the cellular activity includes making predictive judgments about the environments outside of the body.

You know that a chair is not going to chase you around the room for instance. Because you have a reasoning mind; but that particular kind of reasoning mind knows what it knows because at deep levels the cells are aware of the nature of probable actions.

The beliefs of the conscious mind however se t your goals and purposes. You are the one who decides to walk across the floor, and all of these inner calculations take place to help you achieve your goal.

The conscious intent therefore activates the inner mechanisms and changes the behavior of the cells and their components.

In far greater terms the goals set consciously by our species also set into operations the same kind of biological activity.

You are always making choices between probable actions and alternate courses. A choice presupposes probable actions each possible each capable of actualization within your system of reality. Your private experience is far more filled with such decisions than you usually realize.

There are tiny innocuous instances that come up daily: “ Shall I go to the movie or bowling, shall I brush my teeth mow or later? There are also more pertinent questions having to do with careers way o life or other deeper involvements. In your terms each decision you make alters the reality that you know to one degree or another.

You are a member of the species. Any choice you make privately affects it biologically and physically.

You can literally choose between health and illness upon the concentration upon the physical more than the mental or upon mental more than the physical. Such private decisions affect the genetic heritage f the species.

Your intent is all- important for you cal alter your own genetic messages within certain limits.

You can cause a cell or a group of cells to change their self-image for example and again you do this often as you healed yourselves of disease because your intent to become well.

The intent will be conscious though the means may not be. In such cases however the self-healing qualities of the cells are reinforced and the self-healing abilities of the species are also strengthened.

Your private psyche is intimately concerned with your earthly existence and in your dream state you deal with probable actions and often work out in that conditions the solutions to problems or questions that arise having to do with probable sequence of events.

On many occasions you set yourself a problem: Shall I do this or that? And from a dream in which you follow through the probable futures would result from the course available.

While you are sleeping and reaming your chemical and hormonal activity faithfully follows the courses of the dreams.

Your daily life is affected because in such a dream you deal with probable predictabilities. Each individual alive also has his and her private dreams and these help for the accepted probability sequence of the following day and of the time to come.

The personal decisions all add up to the global happenings on any given day.

The history of the species can be discovered within the psyche and true archeological events are found by bringing to light the memories that dwell within the psyche.

There are lands of the mind. The mind has its own civilizations its own personal culture and geography its own history and inclinations. The mind is connected with the physical brain and hidden in the brains there is an archeological memory.

To some extent what you know now is dependent upon what will be known and what has been known.

The past races of men live to that extent within your Now and those who will seemingly come after.

So the history of our specie can be discovered within the psyche.



From Seth, Jane Roberts, Robert F Butts


Both privately and en masse mankind utilizes the dream world as a preliminary working ground. From these fantasized realities and probable dreams events come all the physical accepted fats in your world of true or flse.


The wars are fought lost or won in the dream state first, and the physical rendition of history follows the thing line of only series of probabilities.


Currently we know little about our interior dream world, and the effects upon daily conscious life.


You use your beliefs like searchlights in the dream state looking for other events that fit in with your ideas about reality. Your convictions help you sift out probable actions appearing as dreams from others that do not concern you.


You have within yourself the condensed knowledge of your entire being. This information cannot appear in any complete fashion within a consciousness connected wit a physical brain. The multidimensional reality simply cannot be expressed.


In the dream state, glimpse of the multidimensional self can appear in dream imagery and fantasies that will symbolically express your greater existence.


If your conscious beliefs are causing you great distress, countering beneficial beliefs may be received from this source.


Each of your self is a part of a greater being a part of the energy from which is continually comes. In dreams your energy pulsates back toward the being that you are.


You travel back and forth each night through atmospheres and entry points of which you are not aware. In your sleep you do indeed travel again those vast distances between birth and death. Your consciousness transcends these leaps and holds its own sense of continuity.


All of this has to do with pulsation of energy and consciousness and in one way what you think of as your life is the light ray seen from another perspective.


To a far lesser extent it goes on all the time, for it represent the basis upon which your present consciousness rides.


Unconsciously you have within yourself a set of blueprint for the particular kind of physical reality you want to materialize.


A system of checks and balances exists, however so that in certain dreams you are made aware of these blueprints they may appear throughout your lifetime as recurring dreams of certain nature dreams of illumination. And you will awaked with your purpose suddenly clear.


If you want to clear up an argument tell yourself that you do so in the dream state. Request the answer to any problem and it will be given, but you must trust yourself and learn to interpret your own dreams. This will awaken your intuitive abilities and give you the knowledge that you need.


Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies and one of your most effective assets as connectors between the interior and exterior.

Fire has one meaning if you are afraid of it and other meaning if you consider it a source of heat.

You do realize the many physical problems that are solved for you and by you in your dreams. This happens very frequently when you consciously set the problem before yourself, state it clearly and then drift to sleep.


Dreams give you all kinds of information concerning the state of your body, the world at large and the probable exterior condition that your present beliefs will bring about.

The dream state provides you with a trial framework in which you explore probable actions and decide upon the ones you want to physically materialize.


Nightmares and other dreams follow rhythms of a therapeutic nature far more effectively than any that are drug induced.


Your nature besides possessing natural general healing abilities has its own particular triggers arising from your experience.


They can be learned recognized and utilized by you.


If you remember having certain dream experiences and waking refreshed then before sleep consciously thnk about those dreams and tell yourself they will return. If any activity brings you a sense of satisfaction pursue it. Any of these natural healing methods can lead beyond feelings of well being and strengths, physical health and vitality, to those sublime experience of illumination and grace.

Enjoyment of art is also therapeutic.

Your conscious beliefs direct the flow of unconscious processes with bring your ideas into physical reality , so while your thoughts cause your experience you are not consciously aware of how this take place..

Your dreams and the physical events of your lives constantly alter the chemical balance within you body

A dream can provide a dreaming peacefully interlude in this all stress is minimized, with the  overactive output of certain hormones and chemicals quieted as a result.

Such dreams will be greatly effective but only for a short period of time unless the conscious mind faces the beliefs that have been causing the imbalance.


A man who makes a statue uses his conscious mind his creative abilities his physical body and the inner resources of his own being. When you form the living sculpture of your body which is far more important to you that any work of art., you should certainly follow the same course.