The Environment

The environment re-creates, then there are resources. The environment provides resources. The resources are what allow you to recreate, regenerate the environment. Trough resources the environment re- generate itself, it’s content they organize it.

You are contained by perception. You contain what you perceive.

We choose  to perceive our reality. We obtain our body in the process.

Knowledge is gained by motion. It comes from a series  of events. Nothing remains static.

You have to redirect the change in a certain direction. You will it to happen.

Man is a problem solving, problem creating entity . Those that are out for themselves are contained by their environment.

from “The Convoluted Universe Book V” by Dolores Cannon

Frequencies and Dreaming Psyche

The brain is quite capable of operating on innumerable frequencies each presenting its own picture of reality to the individual.

You use one particular frequency in walking life.  Therefore it seems there in no ther reality than the one you recognize and no greated data available than those with which you are normally familiar.

Sometimes your own dreams or inspirations startle you by giving you information that is usually not available in the recognizable order of events.

When you are dreaming you are tuning in to different frequencies and biologically your body responds to those on many levels.

Dreamming Psyche

Your dreaming psyche seems to be dreaming only because you do not recognize that particular state of awareness as your own. Your words and images are united in your dreams. In a dream state you can lock at a drama and participate in it at the same time. You can experience what is happening in other times and spaces.

The dreams you remember are colored or altered or even censored to a certain extent. There is no inherited necessity for this. Your ideas and beliefs about the nature of reality and sanity have resulted in such a skism.

When you watch a television program if you do not like the program you can switch the program. If you do not like your physical experience you can also change to another more beneficial station but only if you recognize the fact that you are the producer.


“The Nature of The Psyche its Human Experience” By Jane Roberts