The original temples dating back to Babylon were designed with pillars evenly spaced all around outside. Some had the roof open to the sky. These were intends as an observatory. The priest would sit at a designated spot in the center of the building and observe and record the movement of the stars and planets and they passed between the open spaces of the pillars. These records would have been kept and observed for hundreds of years.


These records would become part of the sacred knowledge and only those of the secret mystery schools would have access and be able to interpret the meanings.


This would have been the birth and the beginning of astrology and astronomy. The original teaching would have come from the ETs.


Much of the knowledge originally given would have meant observing the planetary bodies that were invisible to the naked eye. They used highly advanced objects such as telescopes. The information was essential to ET because it was related to their home planet or constellation. They wanted to keep track of the movements so they would  keep track of the movements so they would know the best times to journey there or communicate.


Some of the information was important for Earth to plot the passing time and the seasons (to know when to plant and when to harvest) and some was important for the ET themselves.


The original temples were built by the ET not the primitive humans who were livling there at the time.


The knowledge of the use of the mind to create and levitate was perfected in some highly advanced civilizations and carried to Egypt and other places by survivors after the destruction of Atlantis.


The ET were still living among men and sharing advanced knowledge during the time of Atlantis.