Mass Events and Quality of Life

Mass Events

You are biological creatures. Your proud human consciousness rests on the vast unconscious integrity of physical being. In terms of species integrity of your mental state is highly important. Despair or apathy is a biological enemy. Social conditions political states economic policies and religious and philosophical frameworks that foster such mental states brings about a biological retaliation. They act like a fire applied to a plant.

The epidemics then serve many purposes warning that certain conditions will not be tolerated. There is a biological outrage that will be continually expressed until the conditions are changed.

Epidemics by their public nature speak of public problems.

Quality of life

What makes a life worthwhile? Quite simple if life is not worthwhile no species will have a reason to continue.

Civilizations are social species. They die when they see no reason to live , yet they seed other civilizations. Your private mental state en masse bring about the mass cultural stance of your civilization. To some extent the survival of your civilization is dependent upon the condition of each individual. That condition is a psychic and a spiritual state that gives birth to the physical organism. That organism is intimately connected to each other living things.

No species compete with each other but cooperates to form an environment in which all kinds can creatively exist.

You live in a physical community but you live first of all in a community of thoughts and feelings. These trigger your physical actions. They directly affect the behavior of your body.

When a species overproduces the incidents of epidemics grow. This applies to human populations and to animal populations. The consciousness that became briefly physical is not annihilated but waits for better conditons.

Suffering is not necessary good for the soul and left alone natural creatures do not seek it.

Money, Health, Visualization and Action, The Present and the Point of Power

If you are poor and want to have more money you must in your reality make some symbolist move that show you are willing to accept the change. You should give some money away and/or act as if you did have more money that you physically have. You must respond to your new beliefs so that neurologically the new message gets across.


The initiative must come from you and in the present. In a very real manner of speaking this means changing your view point, that particular perspective with which you view the past and present and imagine your future.


You must look within yourself for evidence of what you want in terms of positive experience.


A correctly utilized five minutes period of time can be of great benefit. In this period concentrate on the fact that the point of power is now.


Five minutes focus your attention toward what you want. Use visualization or verbal thought but for that period do not concentrate on any lacks only on your desire. Use all of energy and attention. Then forget about it. Do not check to see if it is working. Simply make sure that in that period your intentions are clear. Then make one physical gesture or act that is in line with your belief or desire. Behave physically then at least once a day in a way that shows that you have faith in what you are doing.


Ex if you are lonely smile at someone else. If you are poor buy an item you want that cost two cents more than the one you would usually buy. Acting on the faith even that feebly that the two cents will somehow be given to you or come into your experience, but act as if you have more than you do.


In health terms it involves conducting yourself once a day as though you were not sick in whatever way given you. But the belief in present reinforced for five minutes, plus physical actions will sometimes bring awesome results.



Such effects will occur however only if you cease looking into the past for what is wrong and stop reinforcing your negative experience.


The same principle can be used in any area of your life, and in each of your choosing from a variety of probable events.


Do not blame past lives for your current events organizing them through current beliefs. The conscious will is robbed of its power to act. Such lives exist simultaneously.


They are other expressions of you interacting but with each conscious self possessing the point of power in its own present.


You form your reality now and the present is the point of power.


There is a multidimensional point of power There are even biological connection in terms of cellular memory between you and your reincarnational selves.


These selves are different counterparts of your self in creaturehood experiencing bodily reality. And at the same time your organism itself shuts out the simultaneous nature of experience.


The reincarnation points cellular memory and the coordinate points


The coordinate points act as channels through which energy flows and as warps or invisible parts from one reality to another. They also act as transformers and provide much of the generating energy that makes creation continuous. These points impinge upon what we call time and space.