There is a psychological heaven by earth’s standards. The presence is in the atmosphere or atmospheric presence that is well intentioned gentle and powerful and all knowing.



This seems to be a psychological presence of such stunning parts however it is no one place as being there in contrast to being somewhere else. This seems to be more like a loving condition that permeates existence and from which all existences springs.


The feeling of safety is connected here. The sense of safety leads to heroic acts and courage. There is the constant feeling that the universe is with me for me and for all others at the same time.


The universe ever lends its active support. The willingness to help is everywhere apparent and promotes a sense of ease and stimulates the personality’s abilities.


All theological and intellectual theories are beside the point in the reality of this phenomenon.


Each person living or dead is somehow a unique materialization or actualization psychologically perfect of this basic loving condition or psychological atmospheric presence.


Each person is himself or herself and an agent for the universe at the same time. The universe leans in each individual’s direction gives and is compliant for each person is part of that psychological fabric coming to life.


It is like the Universe were a multidimensional cloth with infinite patterns  and figures which did not remain flat but sprang alive, lived moved and came alive again while the fabric of which they were made wore out but miraculously revitalized itself and rewove its parts.


The patterns and figures are constantly changing and the very stitches with which they are made are composed of the basic fabric also, there is everywhere communication between all of the parts at all levels.


Each figure changes the quality of the fabric however adding immeasurably to it trough experience for each life multiplies the actions possible to all of the others on this common level.


There are grouping of consciousness alliances in which identities group together psychologically as peoples do on earth physically in nations. These consciousness retain individuality  while joining together in joint purposes pooling separate viewpoints into psychic composite.


Light exists everywhere at the same time at once transparent in in quality when it exists alone or independent of a visible object or shape. It does not move in waves. It appears out of itself at each and every conceivable point in the universe.


Physical perceptions see only a small hint f this light and from it spring all of the lights and colors physically visible.


Sounds are bell clear separate and each tone if it were visible would be like a crystal. This would be called mental hearing.

Preventive Medicine

Except for the churches the soul was not officially recognized and the religions themselves while giving the soul lip service steadfastly refused to investigate its reality and labeled heretics or demented anyone determined to do so.
At the beginning of the last century the telepathy and clairvoyants the medium and the dreamer were encouraged to speak up to the scientists; now they are silenced their abilities sees as examples of the worst kind of emotional indulgence the result of hysteria.
The words subconscious fraud became labels of the sorriest duplicity because the individual to whom they were applied was branded as liar by subconscious disposition unable to see through his or her own fantasies.
More pertinent however nature was seen no longer as working for man or with him and his body but actively working against him.
Disease now named and labeled more thoroughly than ever before assumed their own aspects of minute demonhood; the viruses and other elements in nature that seemed to exist for no other reason than to attack man’s body.
The predisposition to illness itself resulted from events long buried in the mind triggered unconscious response to which the individual was instantly vulnerable.
With the development of medical technology and with the treatment of the body as if it were a machine man lost his sense of identification with his nature and his sense of identification with his nature and his sense of having any control over his own health.
The medical science might pride themselves on the routing out of superstition for illness was no longer seen as the punishment of an angered God upon a sinner.
Preventive medicine often has at its roots the pessimistic belief that the body will doubtlessly get any given disease unless it is inoculated against it. Tricked into accepting a small rather than a critical bout if illness.
Medical research is also done on the diseased. No one question those who remain healthy who do not visit hospitals. No owe looks for the secrets of the healthy or seek to promote ways of making these generally known.
No statistics have been gathered on the number of the healthy nor have any studies being conducted correlating the habits or beliefs of the healthy.
Hospitals and medical records necessarily deal with ill persons.  Psychiatric studies are likewise formulated and carried out in the same prejudiced fashion.
The suggestions meant by preventive medicine to foster health promote fears nervousness and stress; conditions that in themselves lead to disease.  Teaching the individual to look for symptoms utilizes suggestions in a way that lead to the anticipation of illness.
Yet the anticipation of health seems unrealistic dangerously optimistic and misleading.
Study the hypnosis clearly showed the importance of suggestion and emphasized the intimate connection between suggestion behavior and health.
Medicine uses hypnosis well in the most negative manner.
There is a power within man latent nut appreciable to better his own condition, right his course heal his body accelerate learning and insight, and this power is susceptible to suggestions.
This power or energy then can be awakened and harnessed through suggestion wither through structured hypnosis or sometimes by the person himself through a kind of spontaneous self – suggestion.
Hypnosis can be induced through relaxation techniques or through the use of startling sudden stimulation.

Maya, Codex Tro-Cortesianus, Chichen Itza

In 1697 an Italian traveller named Giovanni  Carieri  visited Mexico. He found a country  exploited by greedy Spanish merchants and fanatical and ignorant priests who were busily  destroying  signs of the old civilization. We found a great number of books say one chronicler but they contained  nothing but superstitions and falsehood  of Devil so we burned them.


In Mexico City Carieri  met a priest who was an exception. Don Carlos de Siguranta scientist and historian who could speak the language of Indians and read their hieroglyphs.


From ancients  manuscripts Siguranta has concluded  that  the Aztecs  had founded the city of Tenochtitlan   and  the Aztec empire in 1325. Before them there was a race called the Toltec and before them the Olmos who lived in the tropical lowlands and according  to the legend had come over the sea from the east -Siguranta believed from Atlantis.


From Siguranta Carieri learned that the Indian Civilization also had great pyramids  including one at Cholula  that was three times as massive as the Great Pyramid of Giza which Careri  had visited on his way to South America.


Careri  vent to the town of San Juan Teotihuacan and was impressed with the pyramid  of the Moon  and the pyramid  of the Sun even though both  were partially  buried in earth.


In 1719 Careri published  the story round the world voyage in nine volumes he was greed with hostility.



Mayan religious book is known as Troano Codex later a second part was found became Codex Tro-Cortesianus owned by descendents of Cortes. In this book Brasseur  found mentions of a great catastrophe that had convulsed Central America in remote past 8 dentists by Brasseur as 9937 BC. And destroyed much of its civilization .


Brasseur  learned that Quetzalcoatl, the white God who came from the sea was the inhabitant of the old Atlantis.


In the college of San Gregory in Mexico City Brasseur discoverers  a manuscript in Nahuatl  which is called the Chimalpopoca  Codex in which he learned that the  immense up healed had occurred  around 10500 BC. But it was not one catastrophe  but a series of at least four, each of which was caused by a temporary  shifting of the earth axes .


Between 1864 and 1867 Napoleon  sent a military expedition led by the Archduke  Maximilian of Hasburg  brother of the Emperor Franz Joseph. He left a legacy when he purchased from a Colector named Jose Maria Andrade a library of 5000 books on Mayan culture which he sent to Europe.


Augustus  Le Plongeon  was a gold prospector in California , a lawyer in San Francisco  and the director of a hospital in Peru. Le Plongeon  learned the Mayan Language and began to explore the forests of Yukatan alone. He found the Indians to be friendly and plolite and he was soon known as Great Black Beard.


From the Indians of Yuka tan he again heard tales of a great catastrophe.


He learned that they still preserved an occult  tradition, they practice magic and divination, that their wise men were able to surround  themselves  with clouds, and even appear and male themselves invisible, material is ing strange and amazing objects.


Le Plongeon concluded that there flowed a rich living current of occult  wisdom and practice with its sources in an extremely quiet past.


Le Plongeon  learned to decipher Mayan hieroglyphs from a 150 year old Indian.


In Popular Science Monthly  1879 Edward Herbert Thompson wrote an article about light skin blue eyes people with serpent emblems on their heads who had come from the east remote  antiquity.


As a student Thompson read a book by Diego De Landa the Spanish bishop who began his career by destroying  thousands of Mayan books and are facts and ended by carefully  collecting and preserving the remains of Mayan Culture.


He followed the text of Diego De Landa and bought the Chichen Itza  land and started  exploring the sacrifice well where it was said Mayan sacrifices  women and çhildren.


At the bottom of the well he found hundreds of ritual  objects of gold cooper and jade.


Only treasure of Tutankamon  surpassed the Thompson  findings.


When he died in 1935 at the age of 75 he had squandered  most of his fortune on his Maya  excavations.