Pyramids and DNA

Pyramids are used to amplify the energy. It is an attunement to people, a wast work rather than individually. There are places in the earth that you ca stimulate masses of people as opposed to one person at a time.


Pyramid is used as an amplifier .

The light energies that were of higher vibrations and amplification of those energies, like you broadcast music. There is a signal the there is a broadcast and there are pyramids that there are used.

Pyramids were not tombs they were amplifier to light energy.

There were mountains used, high mountains used as pyramids too.

The energy was amplified to be used on earth . The energy was used to speed up the evolution of the DNA .


Some people were receptive email to the change in DNA others were not. They sensed that they were different. Some were moving forward some were not. They have knowings that they were different . And that created conflict.


It is like having two species that were not compatible any more. So one was resentful of the other.

Some people choose to grow and some people choose not to. It is happening today.

Pyramids and mountains are being used for energy . The places with volcanic activity.


The resonance creates volcanic   activity. It sets up reactions.

There’s a entity that is aware of the Washington state obelisk and it’s continual reception state.


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