If the brain is functioning at one level and the body to another level, there is a conflict that it is not easy for the body.
If too much information/energy is downloaded in the body sometime is beyond the capacity of the body to hold. That sometime create physical side effects.

The pancreas gets highly affected by the fluctuations of energies and the energies body are affected.
The sugar gets high and low because the energies vibrations gets extreme like that.Fluctuations of the frequencies create damages in the body. That is what damage the body capacity to control sugar.
When the body gets enough energy the body can direct itself to heal.

The body has enough information it needs to stay in perfect health. But because the energies fluctuate so much it damage the ability to be healthy.
Colors vibrations and power can be added to restores the health.

Keeping a good spirit is important when you are tired or sick.

There are side effects from medication. Medication make everything worse.
O lots and sounds are important for healing. Sound is important like a brushing tough the body tree dimensional .

The pancreas ha its own consciousness separate from the mind. It has his own universe there.

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