The Universe

Some say that if you lock outward to the universe you look backward in time.

That statement is partially true. When you move inward trough your psyche however you do begin to thrust backward toward  the origins of existence.

Your creative abilities do not simply allow you to paint pictures to tell or write stories to create sculpture or architecture, they do not only provide basis for religions sciences and civilizations; they are your contact with the source of existence. They provide the power that allows you to form a belief system to begin with.

Scientists say now that energy and matter are one.

They must take the next full step to realize that consciousness and energy and matter are one.

The universe did not originate from an external source, objectified source. Your dreams do not suddenly appear exteriorized upon your images in place of your features for example. They remain hidden. Your dreams appear on the interior screen of your mind.

A state you usually call dreaming is but a dim indication of an inner reality of events, an inner order of events from which the physical world emerges.

Consciousness form environment and not the other way around.

All species are motivated by what we call “Value Fulfillment” in which each seeks to enhance the quality of life for itself and for all other species at the same time.

All civilizations existed first in the world of dreams. You might say that the universe dreamed itself into being.

from  A Seth Book Dreans Evolution and Value Fulfillment by Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts

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