Inner Codes

  • Inner codes of reality appear within the molecules on the one hand and within the private and mass psyche as well.
  • These codes get distorted through the ages and there is a need to return to their source.
  • The material in these inner codes is always translated outward into the world of science religion politics and law.
  • If these outer manifestations become too rigid or petrify, or their inner source is forgotten, then they no longer serve the needs of the individual or mass psyche.
  • These codes then must be constantly restated freshly experienced and interpreted so that they emerge again to give the race new impetus and ensure that civilization follows spiritual and psychic needs.
  • The inner codes are patterns, flexible models, carrying with them hints of man’s greatest potentials and achievements.
  • From them he can project into the future as patterns for developments used in the same way a city planner uses blueprints.
  • As our cells have their own inner codes directing them toward their greatest fulfillment, so do our psyche.

From Jane Roberts “Psychic Politics”

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