Space Time and the Universe

Time and space are furniture of our universe. The experience of passing moments belongs to our psychological rooms in the same way that clocks are attached to the walls.

Whenever science and religion seeks the origin of the universe they search for it in the past.

The universe is created now. Creation occurs each moment. The illusion of time itself is being created now.

It is futile to look for the origins of the universe by using a time scheme that is in itself at the very least highly relative.

Your now or present moment is a psychological platform. It seems that the universe began with an initial burst of energy of some kind ( the Big Bang). Evolutionists cannot account for its cause.

Science sees energy and matter as being basically the same thing appearing differently under varying circumstances.

Science and religion are both dealing with the idea of an objectively created universe. Either God make it of physical manner was formed after an initial explosion of energy and consciousness emerged form that initially dead matter in a way yet to be explained.

Instead consciousness formed matter. Each atom and molecule has consciousness. Consciousness matter and energy are one, but consciousness initiates the transformation of energy into matter.

The beginning of our universe was a triumph in the expansion of consciousness as it learned or translate itself into physical form.

The universe emerged into actually in the same way but to a different degree that any idea emerges from what you think of as subjectivity into physical expression.

The consciousness of all readers of this text existed before the universe was formed but that consciousness was unmanifest.

The closest approximation of  the state of being before the universe was formed is the dream state. In that state before the beginning your consciousness existed free of space and time aware of the immense probabilities.

This is difficult to verbalize yet is important that such attempt is made.

Your consciousness is a part of an infinitely original creative process.

“All that it is” or God so much a part of its creations that is impossible to separate the creator form its creations.

Each portion of consciousness is a part of All that is and the universe falls together in a spontaneous divine order and each portion of consciousness carries within it the knowledge of the whole.

The birth of the world represented a divine psychological awakening. Each consciousness that takes a part in the physical universe dreamed of such existence before the earth was formed.

In one state or another, the universe has always existed. Your closest approximation of the purpose of the universe can be found in those loving emotions that you have toward the development of your children in your intent to have developed their fullest capacities.

from a “Seth Book Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfillment” By Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts

The Universe

Some say that if you lock outward to the universe you look backward in time.

That statement is partially true. When you move inward trough your psyche however you do begin to thrust backward toward  the origins of existence.

Your creative abilities do not simply allow you to paint pictures to tell or write stories to create sculpture or architecture, they do not only provide basis for religions sciences and civilizations; they are your contact with the source of existence. They provide the power that allows you to form a belief system to begin with.

Scientists say now that energy and matter are one.

They must take the next full step to realize that consciousness and energy and matter are one.

The universe did not originate from an external source, objectified source. Your dreams do not suddenly appear exteriorized upon your images in place of your features for example. They remain hidden. Your dreams appear on the interior screen of your mind.

A state you usually call dreaming is but a dim indication of an inner reality of events, an inner order of events from which the physical world emerges.

Consciousness form environment and not the other way around.

All species are motivated by what we call “Value Fulfillment” in which each seeks to enhance the quality of life for itself and for all other species at the same time.

All civilizations existed first in the world of dreams. You might say that the universe dreamed itself into being.

from  A Seth Book Dreans Evolution and Value Fulfillment by Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts

Animal Consciousness

The consciousness of animals has his has its own purposes and intents. Animals are slaughters under the most cruel circumstances for human consumption for then they are treated simply as food stuff.

It seldom occurred to anyone that certain forms of animal consciousness came in physical form by choice, that certain species are prized by man and protected or that the consciousness of such animal had anything at all to do with such an overall arrangement.

Man is more part of nature that he realize it and in the greater realm of activity he cannot take any actions with which the rest of nature does not agree for its own reasons.

Animals can communicate with man and man can communicate with other species with all species. Such communication has always gone on. Man cannot afford to become aware of such communication at this point simply because our entire culture is based upon the idea of the animal natural subordinate position.

The men that slaughter animals cannot afford to treat those animals as possessors of living consciousness.

There is beneath it all an important unity. A sense of communion as one portion of earth’s living consciousness dies to insure the continued life of all nature.

The natural sacrament however turns into something else entirely when the gift is so misunderstood and when the donor is treated so poorly.

Many animals enjoy work and purpose. They enjoy working with man. Horses enjoyed the contribution they made to man’s world. They understood their riders far more that the riders understood them.

Many dogs enjoy being family protection. There are deep emotional bonds between men and many species of animals.

There is emotional response. Dolphins for example respond emotionally to man’s world. The animals of an farm are emotionally aware of the overall psychological content of the farmer’s life and that of each member of his family.

Consciousness is filled with content. The farmer’s animals understand that in a certain fashion he is a midwife responsible for some of their births. Food comes from his hands.

The animals understand on their own that life on any terms that are physical ends with death that the physical properties must be returned to the earth from which they came.

Animals do not blame human beings for anything.

We have forgotten as society how much we learned from animals. We learned a good deal of medicine from watching the animal behavior. We learned what plants to avoid and which to cultivate. We learned how to rid of lice by going into the water. We learned social behavior by watching animals.

At one time we could identify ourselves with animals and they with us.

Domesticated animals have their own reasons for choosing such a state. Cats for example in nature explore one kind of nature.  In wilderness will be far fewer cats. They might choose to eat minces.

The household cat is exploring a different kind of nature in which he has a certain relationship to human consciousness, a reality that changes the reality of his particular kind of consciousness.

The household cats understand their relationship with the human reality. They enjoy contributing to your life as much as any wild animal enjoys being a part of its group.

There is no such thing as a cat consciousness or a bird consciousness. There are instead simply consciousnesses that choose to take certain focuses. Then there is no prepackaged predestined particular consciousness that is meant to be human either.

from A Seth Book Dream Evolution and Value Fulfillment by Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts


Experiences from one’s very early years can sometimes have the most profound effects in later life.

You are learning to how to form reality from your own beliefs, while having the freedom to choose those beliefs, to chose your mental state, in a way that animals for example do not.

In larger picture there are no errors for each action pleasant or not; that larger picture the conscious mind may not be able to perceive it.

Our vitality wants to express itself. The whole world of nature is irrepressible expressible area of expansion.

The most unfortunate escapades, our most sorrowful ventures are not dead ended but serve as doorways into a deeper comprehension and more meaningful relationship with the universe of which we are such a vital part.

Inner Codes

  • Inner codes of reality appear within the molecules on the one hand and within the private and mass psyche as well.
  • These codes get distorted through the ages and there is a need to return to their source.
  • The material in these inner codes is always translated outward into the world of science religion politics and law.
  • If these outer manifestations become too rigid or petrify, or their inner source is forgotten, then they no longer serve the needs of the individual or mass psyche.
  • These codes then must be constantly restated freshly experienced and interpreted so that they emerge again to give the race new impetus and ensure that civilization follows spiritual and psychic needs.
  • The inner codes are patterns, flexible models, carrying with them hints of man’s greatest potentials and achievements.
  • From them he can project into the future as patterns for developments used in the same way a city planner uses blueprints.
  • As our cells have their own inner codes directing them toward their greatest fulfillment, so do our psyche.

From Jane Roberts “Psychic Politics”