Brain Waves

There are four recognized electrical brain waves and in speed they range upward from 0 to 26 Hertz units or cycles per seconds.

Brain waves overlap. Delta brain waves are connected with dreamless sleep, theta with creativity and dreams, alpha with a relaxed alertness and changing consciousness, beta the fastest with concentration and with intense focus upon all of the challenges and anxieties and stress faced the ordinary daily world.

Beta waves seem to be the official pulses of our civilization.

Highly creative people usually generate large amounts of theta and low alpha waves pretty constantly while doing their thing.

The psyche is inherently able to seek in its conscious experience from all of the known ranges according to the kind of experience chosen at any given time.

Beta was not meant to carry the full weight .of conscious activity. The other patters delta theta and alpha are highly important to the physical and mental stability, being very intertwined with cellular consciousness.

It is possible for the brain to register all of the known patterns at once, though the machines would note only the predominant rhythm.

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