Lost Civilizations, Time Space Travel, Quantum Theory, Electons

There are civilizations of the psyche and only by learning about these will you discover the truth about the lost civilization of the planet.

Each such physical culture coincided with and emerged from a corresponding portion of the psyche that you now possess.

Atlantis is a land appearing in literature serving as an impetus for development. It carries the imprint of fears for the tales say that Atlantis was destroyed. You place it in your past while it exists in your future. Not the destruction alone but the entire pattern seen through the framework of your beliefs.

As far as space travel is concerned the element of time is involved in the concept. It will take too long to get where you want to go. Scientists will begin to look for easier methods.

They even are being forced to consider the possibilities of telepathy as a means of communication and they will be forced further along these lines.

Your present theory of expanding universe is in error. Space travel will be dumped when the scientists discover that space as you know it is a distortion and that journey from one so- called galaxy to another is done through divesting the physical body of camouflage (matter).

The vehicle of so- called space travel is mental and psychic mobility in terms of psychic transformation of energy.

Atoms can move in more directions that one at once. We have a most complicated and profound dance of units or essence behavior not really amenable to translation in words.

Physicists began talking about the spin of electrons in 1925. Shortly afterwards they began to consider the spin of the components of the nucleus itself. This spin isn’t the orbital motion of the electron around the nucleus, but is actually more a measure of the electron’s magnetic field.

Time reversal or particle symmetry, the equivalence of space and time is a tenet of relativistic physics and quantum theory.

Space and time are intertwined.

The multidimensional aspects of the electron cannot be perceived within your tri-dimensional system, using instruments that are already predisposed or prefocused to measure only certain kinds of effects.

Suppose a scientist found a first orange and used every instrument available to examine it, but refused to feel it , taste it smell it or become personally involved wit it for fear of loosing scientific objectivity. He would be able to learn little about the orange though he might be able to isolate its elements, predict where other s might be found theorize about its environment, but the greater withinness cannot be found any place of its skin either.

Because you think in terms of consecutive time it seems tat there must have been first a first egg or seed.. The blueprints for reality exist however in dimensions without such a time sequence.

The closest point to the withinness is your own consciousness, though you use it as a tool to examine the exterior universe, is basically free of that reality not confined to the life and death saga, and at other levels deals with the blueprints for its won physical existence.

2 thoughts on “Lost Civilizations, Time Space Travel, Quantum Theory, Electons

  1. This is really interesting. I’ve had some experiences that might be relevant. I wish I could share them but my blog is a private, diary sort of thing I invite readers too slowly if I get to know them. But this is interesting…

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