Dreams an Unconventional View

A remembered dream is a product of several things but often it is your conscious interpretation of events that initially may have been quite different from your memory of them.

A dream that you remember is a snapshot of a larger event taken by your conscious mind.

Dreams are multidimensional. You can compare a scene from a dream with a scene in a photograph. A photograph will show certain events natural to the time in which it was taken.

As during your lifetime you collect a series of photographs of yourself taken in various times and places so in the dreaming state you collect subjective photographs of different kind. They do not appear in sequence however. At conscious level they can provide you with valuable information about your future and your past.

Your dream life is continuous. It has organization on its own levels that you do not comprehend and from its rich source you draw much of the energy with which you form your daily experience. Your conscious mind is the director of that experience.

You dream whether you are living or dead. When you are alive corporally speaking what you think of as dreaming becomes subordinate to what you refer to as your conscious waking life.
In some dreams the state of alertness is undeniable.

Some inventors writers scientists artists who are used to dealing with creative material directly are quite aware of the fact that many of their ideas came from the dream condition.

Private reality is like a finished product rising out of immense productivity that occurs in the dreaming condition – the wonder work.

There are gradation of consciousness in the waking state when your attention wander from issues and or when instead you are brilliantly focused in the moment. In dreaming state such fluctuations also happen.

From the other side within what is loosely called the dream state there is an existence quite as valid as your own and from that viewpoint you can be considered as the dreamer.

The same applies to all consciousness of any type or variety. In a manner of speaking then your cells dream. There are minute variations of electrical discharge not mow perceivable that could pinpoint this kind of fluctuations on the part of cells and also on the part of atoms and molecules.

The atoms pursue their own probable activities and indeed make astounding calculations bringing ito your actuality the necessary probable actions to insure official life forms.

Your conscious intent is unconsciously brought into the dreaming condition and that intent helps you to sort the data.

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