Beliefs and Probable Worlds

Certain beliefs must be dispensed before some ideas can be accepted.

All probable worlds exist now. All probable variations of the most minute aspect in any reality exist now.

You wave in and out of probabilities constantly picking and choosing as you go along. The cells in your body do the same.

There are pulses of energy in which you blinked off and on – this applying even to atomic and subatomic particles.

You assign as real present herre and now only that activity that is your signal You are not aware of the others When people think in terms of one self the identify with one body. You know that the cellular structure of it changes constantly.

The body is at any given moment however a mass conglomeration of energy formed from that rich bank of probable activity.

The body is not stable in the terms usually though of on deeper biological levels the cells straddle probanilities and trigger responses.

Each probability it is not destroyed. Once formed the pattern will follow its own nature.

The organizations of consciousness grow even as cells grow into organs. Groups of probable selves can and do form their own identity structure which is quite aware of the probable selves involved.

In your reality experience is independent upon time. But al experience is not so structured. There are for example parallel events that are followed as easily as you follow consecutive events.

The structure of probabilities deal with parallel experience on all levels. Your consciousness picks and chooses to accept as real the result of and ramifications of only certain overall purposes desires or intents.

You follow these through a time structure. Your focus allows othr just as legitimate experience to become invisible or unfelt.

In practical terms of sense data those worlds do not met. In deeper terms they coincide. Any of the infinite number of events that could have happened to you do happen. Your attention span simply does not include such activity.

Any consciousness automatically tries to express itself in all probable directions and does so. In doing so it will experience All That is through its own being, though interpreted through that familiar reality of its own.

You grow probable selves as a flower grows petals. Each probable selves will follow through in its own reality that is , it will experience to the fullest those dimensions inherent to it.

Science likes to think that it deals with predictable actions. It perceives such a small amount of data, and in limited area, that the great inner unpredictability of any molecule or atom or wave is not apparent. Scientists perceive only what appears within your system and that often appears predictable.

True order and organization even of biological structure can be achieved only by granting a basic unpredictability.

Basically the motion of any wave or particle or entity in unpredictable free wheeling and undetermined. Your life and psychological structure is a result of that unpredictability.

From “The Unknown Reality A Seth Book” By Jane roberts Seth and Robert Butts

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