CU Units of consciousness

CU Basic units of consciousness that make up all realities.
Close systems do not exist. No system is closed. Energy flows freely from one to another or rather permeates each.

The law of inertia does not apply. It appears to be a reality only within our own framework and because our limited focus.

The CU Units of consciousness are literally in every place and time at once. They posses the greatest adaptability and a profound propensity for organization of all kinds. They act as individuals and yet each carries within it a knowledge if all other kinds of activity that is happening in any other given unit or group of units.

Coming together the units actually form the systems of reality in which they have their experience. In out system they are within the phenomenal world.

They can move backward and forward in time, but they also possess another kind of interior mobility within time. The CU ( units of consciousness) operate even within time, going backward , forward inward and outward.

Inward and outward directions of time give us a universe that seems to be fairly permanent and yet it also being created.

These inward and outward thrusting condition effectively sets up the boudaries and uniqueness of each universal system, while allowing for a constant give an take of energy among them.

No energy is ever lost. It may seem to disappear from one system but it will emerge in another. The inward and outward thrust that is not perceived is largely responsible for what we think as ordinary consecutive time.

These CU are literally indestructible. They can take any form, organize themselves in any kind of time- behavior hyphen and seem to form a reality that is completely dependent upon its apparent form and structure.

Disappearing through one of the physicists’ black holes for example, though structure and form would seem to be annihilated and time drastically altered, there would be an emergence at the other end where the whole package of universe having been close in the black hole would be reopened.

There is a the constant surge into our universe of new energy through infinite sources. The sources are CU Units of Consciousness themselves.

In their own way in certain respects the CU operate as minute but extremely potent black holes and white holes as they are presently understood by physicists at this moment.

The CU serve as source points or holes through which energy falls into our system or is attracted to it and in doing so forms it the experience of time and all the phenomenal world results.

As CU leave our system time is broken down. Its effects are no longer experienced as consecutive matter becomes more and more plastic until its mental elements become apparent.

New CU enter and leave ours system constantly. Through their great organizational structures the CU are aware of everything happening not only on the top of the moment but within all of its probabilities.

Biologically the cell is aware of all of its probable variations while in our time and structure it holds its unique position as a part of any given organ in our body.

The cell is a huge physical universe, orbiting an invisible CU Units of Conscience. CU will always be invisible beyond the smallest phenomenon that we can perceive with any kind of instrument.

The EE units represent the stage of emergence the threshold point that practically activates the CU.

This is inward and outward thrust of time and from it flows the consecutive appearance of the moment. Thrusting gives dimensions to time that we have not even begun to understand.

We live on the surface of the moments with no understanding of the unrecognized and unofficial realities that lie beneath.

Cellular structure maintains brilliantly effectiveness in the body’s present reality but knows itself free of it.

Man’s particular kind of consciousness is fiercely idendentified with the body. This was a necessity to focus energy toward physical manipulation.

from “The Unknown Reality A Seth Book” By Jane Roberts Seth and Robert F Butts

Units of Consciousness

There are units of consciousness as there are units of matter. They are not particles. There is a basic unit of consciousness that expressed will not be broken don as one was thought that an atom was the smallest unit and could not be broken down.

The basic unit of consciousness is not physical. It contain within itself innately infinte properties of expansion development and organization. Yet within itself always maintains the kernel of its own individuality, despite whatever organization it becomes part of or how it mixes with other such basic units is not annihilated.

It is aware energy identified within itself as itself not personified but awareized. It is therefore the source of all other kinds of consciousness and the varieties of its activity are infinite.

It combines with other of its kind forming then units of consciousness as atoms and molecules.

This basic unit is endowed with unpredictability. That very unpredictability allows for infinite patterns and fulfillments.

Soul is the result of a certain organization of such units.

Above humans there are other more developed organizations of these units and so fomr that more exalted view points humans seem to be junior souls.

The units of consciousness- their nature is the vitalizing force behind everything in our physical universe and others as well.

These units can appear in several places at once and without going trough space. These units can be in all places at once. They are in all places at once. They will not be recognized because they will always appear as something else.

They move faster than light. There are millions of them in one atom. Each of these units is aware of reality of all others and influence all others. These units move backward and forward in time. They also move int thresholds of time which we are not yet familiar.

All probabilities are probed and experienced and all possible universes created from these units.

Therefore there are realities in which the endless probabilities of one given event are probed and all experience grouped about that venture.

There are systems in which a moment from our stand point is made to endure for the life of a universe. The moment is not stretched or that time is slowed down alone, that that all the experiences possible within a moment become realities within that framework.

It is important that you realize the fact that there is more creativity and variety in an inner reality than we ever physically perceive.

These units of consciousness do not have human characteristics. They do possess their own inclinations leaning propensities. They are vitalized, aware, charged the all the qualifications of being.

They are not found alone, All psychological structures are composed of such organizations however log or short lived.

Since these units of consciousness exist at once the are aware of all the organized self – structures of which they are a part.

These units grow out of themselves. Since the past present and future exists at once these units are constantly emerging out of our now point from both the future and the past.

All matter is based upon the units mentioned with their unpredictability and their propensity for exploring all probabilities.

Even our atomic structure is poised between probabilities. You are aware of only one small probable portion of yourself, and this portion you protect as your identity.

Every probable events that could happen to you happens. In each now –moment you draw from the vast bank of unpredictable actions certain ones that are significant to you and your private idea of significance will result in what then seems to be predictable action.

Propensity is a selection of significance , an inclination toward the formation of selected experience. This applies on all levels atomic and psychological and to biological stimulus and mental intent.

The body that you have is a probable body.
From The Unknown Reality a Seth Book By Jane Roberts Seth and Robert F Butts

Beliefs and Probable Worlds

Certain beliefs must be dispensed before some ideas can be accepted.

All probable worlds exist now. All probable variations of the most minute aspect in any reality exist now.

You wave in and out of probabilities constantly picking and choosing as you go along. The cells in your body do the same.

There are pulses of energy in which you blinked off and on – this applying even to atomic and subatomic particles.

You assign as real present herre and now only that activity that is your signal You are not aware of the others When people think in terms of one self the identify with one body. You know that the cellular structure of it changes constantly.

The body is at any given moment however a mass conglomeration of energy formed from that rich bank of probable activity.

The body is not stable in the terms usually though of on deeper biological levels the cells straddle probanilities and trigger responses.

Each probability it is not destroyed. Once formed the pattern will follow its own nature.

The organizations of consciousness grow even as cells grow into organs. Groups of probable selves can and do form their own identity structure which is quite aware of the probable selves involved.

In your reality experience is independent upon time. But al experience is not so structured. There are for example parallel events that are followed as easily as you follow consecutive events.

The structure of probabilities deal with parallel experience on all levels. Your consciousness picks and chooses to accept as real the result of and ramifications of only certain overall purposes desires or intents.

You follow these through a time structure. Your focus allows othr just as legitimate experience to become invisible or unfelt.

In practical terms of sense data those worlds do not met. In deeper terms they coincide. Any of the infinite number of events that could have happened to you do happen. Your attention span simply does not include such activity.

Any consciousness automatically tries to express itself in all probable directions and does so. In doing so it will experience All That is through its own being, though interpreted through that familiar reality of its own.

You grow probable selves as a flower grows petals. Each probable selves will follow through in its own reality that is , it will experience to the fullest those dimensions inherent to it.

Science likes to think that it deals with predictable actions. It perceives such a small amount of data, and in limited area, that the great inner unpredictability of any molecule or atom or wave is not apparent. Scientists perceive only what appears within your system and that often appears predictable.

True order and organization even of biological structure can be achieved only by granting a basic unpredictability.

Basically the motion of any wave or particle or entity in unpredictable free wheeling and undetermined. Your life and psychological structure is a result of that unpredictability.

From “The Unknown Reality A Seth Book” By Jane roberts Seth and Robert Butts