Light Mater and Order

Light and Matter

Look around you. There is the great Light shining through the shadow of your body. Shadows of darkness surround you. Life fills you with its flow. You must arise from your body go far to the planes that surround you and yet are one with you too.

Look around you. See your light reflected. Even if is darkness around you your own light pours forth through the veil.

The space is not boundless but truly bounded by angles and curves. All that exists is only an aspect of greater things yet to come. Matter is fluid and flows like a stream, constantly changing from one thing to another.

All through ages knowledge existed never being changed though buried in darkness never been lost though forgotten by men.

Throughout the space you live in are others as great as your own interlaced through the heart of matter yet separate in space of their own.

There are nine interlocked dimensions, and nine the cycles of space, nine the diffusions of consciousness and nine the worlds within worlds.

Space is divided by time. If you seek the key to time space you unlock the gate. Throughout the time space consciousness exists.

The man is the key to mystery and the key is One within One.

Only the soul is space-free m has life that is really life. all else is only a bondage. Man is a light born spirit. But without knowing he can never be free.

Life in you is the word. Find the life within you and have the power to use the Word.

Life is order and man is one with the fire. Life is the Word of the Fire. Seek the path to the Word and powers shall be yours.


Through Order you shall find the way. Look in your life for disorder. Balance and order your life. eliminate all the Chaos of emotions an you shall have order in life. Order brought forth from Chaos will bring you the Word of the Source, will give you the power of Cycles and make your soul a force that free will extend through ages.

Order should be in the word. He who attains it must ever in Order be. Seel to conquer disorder and one with the Word you shall be.

Put on your effort in gaining Light on the pathway of life. Seek to solely the Light. Know that all is order from Chaos born into Light.


“The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean” by Doreal