Creativity and Time


True creativity comes from enjoying the moments which then fulfill themselves and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation the letting go for that triggers magical activity

Creativity itself has its own built in discipline the kind that for example in a dream can rummage trough the days of the future to find precisely the data required to make a specific point.


There are different types of time :

Natural physical time involves the rhythm of the seasons the seasons, the days and nights and the tides and so forth. It involves earthly biology.

There is cultural times where to this natural rhythmus you have added the idea of clocks moments and hours which you have transposed over nature rhythms. Such a cultural time works well overall for the civilization that concentrates upon partialities bits and pieces assembly lines promptness of appointments and so forth. It fits an industrialized society.

The creator’s time is the time that any artistic creator is involved with follows earth’s own time. The artistic creator operates in the time of the seasons and in a kind of natural time, but that natural time is far different than you suppose. Far richer and it turns inward and outward and backward and forward upon itself.

Each moment must be valuable in itself whatever you do with it.

Being you own natural and magical self when you dream you utilize information that is outside of the time context experienced by so-called rational mind. The creative abilities operate in the same fashion appearing within consecutive time but with the main work done outside of it entirely.

Trying to fit the great trust of creativity into assembly line time is in itself bound to lead to conflicts dissatisfactions and frustrations. If the proper creative and magical orientation is kept primarily in mind other things will fall into place.

Assembly line time does not really value time only as time can be used for definite prescribed purposes.

from ” a Seth Book – The Magical Approach – Seth Speaks about the art of Creative Living ” Jy Jane Roberts and Robert T Butts

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