Quantum Phisics and Health

Energy blockages can have the cause doubts and fears. The body itself can be depressed. And that cause diseases. The system is cleared and improved when these doubts and fears are expressed released and recognized.

The objects are in constant motion. The atoms and molecules are forever moving and the electrons are the directors of that motion.

Your focus is so precisely and finely tuned that despite all of that activity objects appear solid. Now objects are also events and perhaps that is the easiest way to understand them. They are highly dependent upon your own subjective focus.

You are objects and events and as physical bodies your organs are also composed of atoms and molecules whose motion again is directed by the electrons.

The electrons themselves have their own subjective lives. They are also subjective events, therefore there is always a correlation between those electrons in your bodies and those in the objects you see about you.

When you change the past from each point of the latest present you are also changing events at the most microscopic levels. Your intents has also an electronic reality therefore.  It is almost as if your thoughts punched the key of some massive computer, for your thoughts do indeed have a force.

Even as sentences are composed of words there in no end to the number of sentences that can be spoken so time is composed of an endless variety of electronic languages that can speak a million of worlds  instead of words.

The conscious mind can direct bodily activity but the body consciousness alone can perform those activities that bring forth life and motion.

To accelerate healing energy concentrate upon pleasure of life, eat good food, experience the joy of reading, the pleasure of friends.

From “The Way toward health – A Seth Book” by Jane Roberts

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