The Future and The Past Impact The Present Events

Trough chanting, dancing playacting painting story telling man spontaneously translated inner sense data into physical actualization. The physical senses only present you with clues as to your own sensitivities.

Some individuals choose to specialize following specific lines of abilities through many existences accommodating these however to the time in they have been born. You may speak trough art or music through trance activities, but you will specialize in use of the inner senses and in translating the inner knowledge of the species bringing it to whatever lever of ordinary consciousness that is considered the official one.

Besides translating inner images into paintings for example you may unknowingly be translating sensually invisible sounds into images, or translate multidimensional images into words. The inner dimensions each separate and glowing connected prisms of knowledge that have within themselves more reality than you can presently begin to imagine.

Seth must travel from those realities wrest himself free in order to form an ever changing ever moving ever on the move entity that can speak trough Jane Roberts and be present in the same time.

Words are so composed that each one is a part of each other and there is no disconnection.

From our point of view of space and time it seems that planets have come and gone stars collapsed and when we look outward into space it appears that we look backward in space.

There are great pulsations, however in existence, pulsation that have nothing to do with time as we understand it but with intensities. In deepest of terms the world always was and always will be. It changes its patterns of activity, it comes and goes but it is always itself in its comings and goings.

Trust the great power of the universe that forms his own image, trust his spontaneity and body natural urges toward relaxation, motion and creativity, as they show themselves in their own rhythms.

World events are living multidimensional novels being formed in the present in response to both future and past triggers. The impact of the future on the past or the implications of the future on the present are highly important, and such precognitive reactions are vital, numerous and real as your ordinarily thing that the reaction to past events are.


“A Seth Book The Magical Approach Seth Speaks about the art of creative Living“ By Jane Roberts Robert F Butts and Seth



The Intellect

One of the intellect main purposes in to give you a conscious coice in a world of probabilities. To do that properly the intellect is to make clear concise decision in its level of matters that are its concern and therefore to present its own picture of reality to ad to the entire construct.

Men and women rediscover the larger sense  of identity that accepts intuition and feelings the dream and the magic hopes as vital characteristics of personhood.

You do not need to identify with your intellect alone, but enlarge your scopes of identity. Automatically those other often shunted aside characteristics begin to add their richness fulfillment and vitality to your live effortlessly.

Creative activity goes with you all the time and often is most active when you are not aware of it.

Some answers come when you are ready for them. Then they come naturally as a matter of understanding and comprehension.

The intellect is far more socially oriented than is generally understood. Intellect is a cultural phenomenon. It is amazingly resilient in that  according the belief structures of any given historical period using reasoning to bring the world picture into focus.

Like statistics the reasoning abilities can be used to come to almost any conclusion.

When any system of reasoning is too rigid, there are always adjustments made that will allow other information to intrude otherwise the belief system will never change.

Humanity shares with the other species a feeling of kinship for its kind. Their is a great give and take of ideas. You end up with a consensus as to what a reasonable picture of agreed upon reality is.

The intellect is socially oriented. It wants to see the world as it is seen by the mind s of others.

The intellect then helps to translate its own natural proposes and intents in their proper cultural context so that those purposes and intents literally change the world.

The intellect expectations and intent spontaneously and automatically trigger the proper bodily mechanisms to bring about the necessary environmental interactions and your intent as expressed through your intellect directs your experience of the world.

There are backup systems. If the intellect believes that the world is a threat to existence then that belief will alter its intents and therefore the body’s activities.

The beliefs of the intellect operates as powerful suggestions particularly when the intellect identifies with those beliefs that it holds a s truths.

from “A seth Book – The Magical Approach Seth Speak about the art of Creative Living” By Jane Roberts and Robert F Butts and Seth

Creativity and Time


True creativity comes from enjoying the moments which then fulfill themselves and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation the letting go for that triggers magical activity

Creativity itself has its own built in discipline the kind that for example in a dream can rummage trough the days of the future to find precisely the data required to make a specific point.


There are different types of time :

Natural physical time involves the rhythm of the seasons the seasons, the days and nights and the tides and so forth. It involves earthly biology.

There is cultural times where to this natural rhythmus you have added the idea of clocks moments and hours which you have transposed over nature rhythms. Such a cultural time works well overall for the civilization that concentrates upon partialities bits and pieces assembly lines promptness of appointments and so forth. It fits an industrialized society.

The creator’s time is the time that any artistic creator is involved with follows earth’s own time. The artistic creator operates in the time of the seasons and in a kind of natural time, but that natural time is far different than you suppose. Far richer and it turns inward and outward and backward and forward upon itself.

Each moment must be valuable in itself whatever you do with it.

Being you own natural and magical self when you dream you utilize information that is outside of the time context experienced by so-called rational mind. The creative abilities operate in the same fashion appearing within consecutive time but with the main work done outside of it entirely.

Trying to fit the great trust of creativity into assembly line time is in itself bound to lead to conflicts dissatisfactions and frustrations. If the proper creative and magical orientation is kept primarily in mind other things will fall into place.

Assembly line time does not really value time only as time can be used for definite prescribed purposes.

from ” a Seth Book – The Magical Approach – Seth Speaks about the art of Creative Living ” Jy Jane Roberts and Robert T Butts

Lessons from the Emerald tablets

Keep your face ever turned toward the light. Strive ever upward. Turn your soul toward the light. Light come only to him who strives.

How to conquer the dark fears?

Examine your hearth ad find if the feeling has come from within. If you find darkness in your own thoughts banish then forth from the place in your mind. Send trough your body a wave of vibration irregular first and regular second repeating time after time until free.

Start the wave force in your brain center direct it in waves from the head to the foot.

Only by knowing you can overcome it. Only by wisdom can you hope to be free. Knowledge brings wisdom, and wisdom is power. Attain it and you shall have power over all.

“The Emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean” – Translated and Interpreted by Doreal

Quantum Phisics and Health

Energy blockages can have the cause doubts and fears. The body itself can be depressed. And that cause diseases. The system is cleared and improved when these doubts and fears are expressed released and recognized.

The objects are in constant motion. The atoms and molecules are forever moving and the electrons are the directors of that motion.

Your focus is so precisely and finely tuned that despite all of that activity objects appear solid. Now objects are also events and perhaps that is the easiest way to understand them. They are highly dependent upon your own subjective focus.

You are objects and events and as physical bodies your organs are also composed of atoms and molecules whose motion again is directed by the electrons.

The electrons themselves have their own subjective lives. They are also subjective events, therefore there is always a correlation between those electrons in your bodies and those in the objects you see about you.

When you change the past from each point of the latest present you are also changing events at the most microscopic levels. Your intents has also an electronic reality therefore.  It is almost as if your thoughts punched the key of some massive computer, for your thoughts do indeed have a force.

Even as sentences are composed of words there in no end to the number of sentences that can be spoken so time is composed of an endless variety of electronic languages that can speak a million of worlds  instead of words.

The conscious mind can direct bodily activity but the body consciousness alone can perform those activities that bring forth life and motion.

To accelerate healing energy concentrate upon pleasure of life, eat good food, experience the joy of reading, the pleasure of friends.

From “The Way toward health – A Seth Book” by Jane Roberts