Dreams and Consciousness Knowledge of the Future

The events have nothing to do with what you think of as cause and effect.

Each consciousness impress the universe in its own fashion. Its very existence sets up a kind of significance in whose light the rest of the universe will be interpreted.

Each conscience is endowed with creativity of multidimensional nature so that it will seek to create as many possible realities for itself as it can using its own significance as focus to draw into its experience whatever events are possible for it form the universe itself.

There is no difference between walking and dream events. Those events that you do not accept as physical ones also exist and join their own organizations. They do not simply fall away from your experience but serve as focus points for events that do not concern you directly while indirectly they form a definite psychological background.

They become the invisible medium of experience from which your own specialized activities emerge so that their nature is implied in your own life.

Dreams serve as a drama of interweaving probabilities a springboard from which events emerge in all directions. Each aspect of a dream, while having personal meaning is also your version of a symbol that stands for a corresponding kind of event but in a different level of reality.

If you numbered each aspect of a dream then each number would represent itself in a different numerical system entirely. The surface numbers or the familiar ones would still serve to explain the dream in the context of your own world.

You live in a physical universe also in a far vaster psychological or psychic universe surrounded by supported by and part of psychic or psychological entities infinite in their variety.

Your smallest action affects their reality as theirs does yours. To some extent in the dream state you can perceive such entities more clearly.

The psychological mobility of consciousness allows for an inner interlocking spiritual and biological language by which experience is directly transmuted. Many of your dreams are translations of events occurring in other levels of the greater psyche.

There events are not dependent upon time. You on the other hand must work with the time version of events. Dreams provide an elegant framework that allows you to break down timeless events placing them properly in the context of your own world.

The proper placement is quite dependent upon an inner knowledge of probable future events and your present time would be impossible achievement where it not for this unconscious knowledge of the future.

The dreams are often a synthesis of past present and future where one main event is used as a focus point around which present events will be collected.

from – “The Nature of The psyche its human expression The new Seth Book By Jane Roberts”

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