The Present, Magical Dimension and The Intellect

The present

The present is the point of power. The point of power is where the flesh and matter met with the spirit. That juncture embodies the actions and beliers we choose to draw from all of our previous points of  power. From our current present we project the choices, plus new ones we may decide upon The content of our projections are of supreme importance.

Five minutes exercise in which we sit quietly and look about we can become aware that the present is the point of power. In this exercise we remind ourselves that we aren’t at the mercy of our past beliefs unless we think we are.  We have the full freedom to insert new creative goals in our point of power exercises.

Next we  relax to vive our fresh suggestions time to begin working with us.

Next physically we make a simple gesture or act mo matter how modest that is in line with our desires for the future.

Periodically we repeat the exercise but easily without pressure, confident that we are doing well.

Action is thought in physical motion.

Magical Dimension

Each person has his or her source in magical dimension, from which his or her overall life emerges, and the private source itself is a part of the every energy that upholds the entire planet and its inhabitants, and the overall construct that is the universe.

Fields or planes of interrelatedness connect all kinds of life, supporting it not through just one system a biological or a spiritual one but at every conceivable point of its existence.

New energy is everywhere available. There are no close systems. The environment is conscious and alive. There are constant communications between all portions of your body and all portions of the environment.

We do not have to rely upon want we think of as our private resources alone. Value fulfillment is one of the most important characteristics of existence, so that all things act individually and together in ways that best provide for the overall fulfillment of the entire construct.


Your intellect is meant to help you make choices. It allow you to perceive certain probabilities with a physical time context. You use your intellect properly when it is allowed to perceive physical conditions as clearly as possible. Then it can make the most beneficial decision as to what goals you want to achieve.

These goals are usually conceptualized desires, and once formed they act in a fashion like magnets drawing from those vast fields of interrelatedness the kinds of conditions that suited to their fulfillment.

The intellect alone cannot bring about one motion of the body.

When the intellect is used properly it thinks of a goal and automatically arouses the other levels of communication unknown to it so that all forces work togther toward tha achievement.

Consider a hypothetically goal as a target. When properly used the intellect imagines the target and imaginatively then attains it.

Selections from ” The Magical Approach Seth Speaks about the Art of creative Living” By Jane Roberts and Robert Butts

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