About Dreams And Themes of Life

Dreams are like variations themes of your life, though in your life you have chosen from those possible versions. The dream events are like physical one a good deal of the time.  Your dream perception seem physical; you walk you eat, and perform other physical functions.

Events do not become physical unless certain requirements are met and certain codes activated. Experiences at pre dream level occur at their own intensities. The knowledge is translated into information that is broken down in the dream state into more specific data highly symbolized sitting individual requirements and run trough the body in a kind of ghostly trial fashion.

It is further processed into individual significances drives or intents which convert in into required codes that will then determine the nature of actualized walking events.

Data must be of particular kinds of intensity before they register as physical matter or are experienced as physical events. Part of this procession occurs in the dream state. And creativity play largely part in the preliminary process.

The Present, Magical Dimension and The Intellect

The present

The present is the point of power. The point of power is where the flesh and matter met with the spirit. That juncture embodies the actions and beliers we choose to draw from all of our previous points of  power. From our current present we project the choices, plus new ones we may decide upon The content of our projections are of supreme importance.

Five minutes exercise in which we sit quietly and look about we can become aware that the present is the point of power. In this exercise we remind ourselves that we aren’t at the mercy of our past beliefs unless we think we are.  We have the full freedom to insert new creative goals in our point of power exercises.

Next we  relax to vive our fresh suggestions time to begin working with us.

Next physically we make a simple gesture or act mo matter how modest that is in line with our desires for the future.

Periodically we repeat the exercise but easily without pressure, confident that we are doing well.

Action is thought in physical motion.

Magical Dimension

Each person has his or her source in magical dimension, from which his or her overall life emerges, and the private source itself is a part of the every energy that upholds the entire planet and its inhabitants, and the overall construct that is the universe.

Fields or planes of interrelatedness connect all kinds of life, supporting it not through just one system a biological or a spiritual one but at every conceivable point of its existence.

New energy is everywhere available. There are no close systems. The environment is conscious and alive. There are constant communications between all portions of your body and all portions of the environment.

We do not have to rely upon want we think of as our private resources alone. Value fulfillment is one of the most important characteristics of existence, so that all things act individually and together in ways that best provide for the overall fulfillment of the entire construct.


Your intellect is meant to help you make choices. It allow you to perceive certain probabilities with a physical time context. You use your intellect properly when it is allowed to perceive physical conditions as clearly as possible. Then it can make the most beneficial decision as to what goals you want to achieve.

These goals are usually conceptualized desires, and once formed they act in a fashion like magnets drawing from those vast fields of interrelatedness the kinds of conditions that suited to their fulfillment.

The intellect alone cannot bring about one motion of the body.

When the intellect is used properly it thinks of a goal and automatically arouses the other levels of communication unknown to it so that all forces work togther toward tha achievement.

Consider a hypothetically goal as a target. When properly used the intellect imagines the target and imaginatively then attains it.

Selections from ” The Magical Approach Seth Speaks about the Art of creative Living” By Jane Roberts and Robert Butts


There are some different types of time

Assembly line time – Each minute is valuable. You can produce only so many books or paintings in an amount of time.Each minute should be a minute of production.

Cultural time – When you work on some projects.

Natural time – each artist or creator operates in the time of the seasons in a kind of natural time

Laws of Physical Life, Emotions, Knowledge, Education

Laws of Physical Life

You cannot discover other levels of your own reality if you insist upon applying the laws of physical life to your own larger experience.

The true facts are that you exist in this life and outside simultaneously. You are between lives and in lives at once. The deeper dimensions of reality are such that your thoughts and actions not only affect the live you know, but alos reach into all of those other simultaneous existences. What you think now is unconsciously perceived by some hypothetical 14-th century self. The psyche is open ended. No system is closed, psychological systems least of all.

Your life is a dreaming experience to other portions of your greater reality which focus elsewhere.  Their experiences are also a part of your dream heritage.

If you learn to know yourself better in daily life to become more fully aware even of your early life you will indeed receive other information that hints of deeper inner more supportive reality in which physical existence rests.

The inner reality is the creative source of the physical one.


We normally organize our experiences in terms of time. The psyche deals largely with associative process and organizes events trough association. Associations are tied together by emotional experience. In a large manner the emotions defy time.


When you are in touch with your psyche you experience direct knowledge. Direct knowledge is comprehension. When you are dreaming you experience direct knowledge about yourself and about the world. You are comprehending your own being in a different way.

Your own focus determine the information that is available to you. Your desire automatically attracts the kind of information you require through you may not be aware of it.


Education should serve to introduce the student to as many fields of endeavor as possible, to the he r she might recognize those that serve as natural triggers opening skills or furthering the development. The student will then pick and choose.

Past and future knowledge is quite accessible. There are probable future from the point view of your past. Theoretically future information is available just as the body’s future pattern of development was at your birth.

from : ”

  1. The Nature of the Psyche It’s Human Expression The New Seth Book” By Jane Roberts

Frequencies and Dreaming Psyche

The brain is quite capable of operating on innumerable frequencies each presenting its own picture of reality to the individual.

You use one particular frequency in walking life.  Therefore it seems there in no ther reality than the one you recognize and no greated data available than those with which you are normally familiar.

Sometimes your own dreams or inspirations startle you by giving you information that is usually not available in the recognizable order of events.

When you are dreaming you are tuning in to different frequencies and biologically your body responds to those on many levels.

Dreamming Psyche

Your dreaming psyche seems to be dreaming only because you do not recognize that particular state of awareness as your own. Your words and images are united in your dreams. In a dream state you can lock at a drama and participate in it at the same time. You can experience what is happening in other times and spaces.

The dreams you remember are colored or altered or even censored to a certain extent. There is no inherited necessity for this. Your ideas and beliefs about the nature of reality and sanity have resulted in such a skism.

When you watch a television program if you do not like the program you can switch the program. If you do not like your physical experience you can also change to another more beneficial station but only if you recognize the fact that you are the producer.


“The Nature of The Psyche its Human Experience” By Jane Roberts

Natural Law

You were born with an in built recognition of your own goodness. You were born with your rightness in the universe. You were born with a desire to fulfill your abilities, to move and act in the world. You are born loving.

You are born compassionate. You are born curious about yourself and your world. You are born knowing that you possess a unique intimate sense of being, that is itself that seeks its on fulfillment and the fulfillment of others.

You are born seeking to add value to the quality of life, to add characteristics energies, abilities to life that only you can individually contribute to the world an to attain a state of being that is uniquely yours while adding to the value fulfillment of the world.

from “Jane Roberts The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” a Seth Book Notes by Robert E Butts.

The Mechanics of Experience

Our world and everything in it exists first in the imagination. Try to view normal physical occurrences as the concrete physical reaction in space and time to your own feelings and beliefs. For indeed your subjective world causes your physical experience.

You are thought that feelings are response to events that are happening. Often your feelings happen ahead of time because those feelings are the initial realities from which events flow.

from “Jane Roberts The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events a Seth Book” Notes by Robert E Butts.

Human Consciousness, Frameworks, The Energy of Life

Human Consciousness


Human consciousness is in a state of transition; is not a finished product, is meant to develop.


Unconsciously each individual participates in the forming of the world; some are aware of the same activities only in regards of many realities rather that one.


Evolution of one’s soul means the increasing capacity for understanding and expanding the scope or our abilities.




Framework represents the sphere of action. One sphere of action is the physical space. Another framework is the inner mental and psychic realm from which the present experience springs.


There are realms of ever –spiraling states of existence in which different kinds of consciousness meet and communicate. This are not impersonal realms but are involved in intimate interactions.


We need to keep the mind opened and without preconceived ideas. Our own development triggers certain psychic activity that then triggers further growth.


The acts of creativity are best approached in Framework 2 for those acts always involve leaps of faith and inspiration and breaking of barriers. The context of books written come from outside out time. Art of a painter is drawn from Framework 2 when he might unconsciously compare hundreds of landscape viewed in the past in multitudinous forgotten hues that splashed upon grass or trees or as he seeks new creative combinations.


The writer or the artist also brings more into his work than the simple ability to writhe or paint. In one way or another his experience is involved; we talk about Framework 1. Each private reality has its existence in an eternal creativity from which our world springs.


In the Framework 1 life is based on the idea that we have only so much energy that will wear out, and certain expenditure of energy will produce a given amount of work; in other words that applied effort of a certain kind will produce the best results. All of this presupposes the fact that no new energy is inserted into the world. The source of the world would therefore seem no longer to exist, having worn itself out in the effort to produce physical phenomena.


The Energy of Life


The Energy of life is inserted constantly into our world in a way that has nothing to do with our so called physical laws.


The Universe expands as and idea does .


The greater life of each creature exists in that framework which originally gave it birth and in a greater manner of speaking each creature regardless of age is constantly reborn.


From “Jane Roberts the individual and the Nature of Mass Events a Seth Book ” Notes by Robert E Butts.