Disk of the Sun

There is a history that Lord Muru arrived at Lake Titicaca at some time in the remote past, when the Andes Mountains were first uplifted in a cataclysmic event that also sank the Pacific continent of Mu. Lord Muru set up the “Monastery of the brotherhood of seven rays”, which was to keep the secrets and treasures of his race in its archives. Among the treasures was the Golden Sun Disk of Mu.

George Hunt Williamson in the book “Secrets of the Incas” maintains that this Sun Disk was later given to the Incas when they had advanced enough spiritually to appreciate it. When the Spaniards conquered Peru the Sun Disk  was removed from the Sun Temple at Cuzco and placed back in the safe keeping at the monastery.

Most researchers feel that the Sun Disk was hidden in a tunnel. That such a Sun Disk did exist is certain it was seen by the very first Spanish to enter Cuzco (|in Peru)

The monastery is also known as the “Valley of the Blue Moon”.

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