Resourcefulness and Originality


Resourcefulness is the outcome of efficiency. It is an important element in prosperity. You may fall but you will always be on your feet. Resourcefulness has its fundamental cause in the conservation of energy. It is energy transmuted.

When you cut mental or bodily vices that depletes you of energy that energy is not destroyed it becomes productive energy. Your mentality is abounding with stored up energy. Barren minds sink in the struggle of life. A person can rise and can turn from vice to virtue and stand self respecting and secure upon his own resources.

The resourceful people invent discover initiate, are in the stream of progress.

A mind can become stiff and inert like a body of an aged man and fail to keep pace with the rapidly moving ideas and plans of resourceful minds.

A resourceful mind is like a river never runs dry and which affords refreshments and supplies new vigor times of drought.


Originality is resourcefulness ripened and perfected. People of originality are genius and they are the light of the world.

Originality cannot be forced it can only be developed.

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