Mass Events and Quality of Life

Mass Events

You are biological creatures. Your proud human consciousness rests on the vast unconscious integrity of physical being. In terms of species integrity of your mental state is highly important. Despair or apathy is a biological enemy. Social conditions political states economic policies and religious and philosophical frameworks that foster such mental states brings about a biological retaliation. They act like a fire applied to a plant.

The epidemics then serve many purposes warning that certain conditions will not be tolerated. There is a biological outrage that will be continually expressed until the conditions are changed.

Epidemics by their public nature speak of public problems.

Quality of life

What makes a life worthwhile? Quite simple if life is not worthwhile no species will have a reason to continue.

Civilizations are social species. They die when they see no reason to live , yet they seed other civilizations. Your private mental state en masse bring about the mass cultural stance of your civilization. To some extent the survival of your civilization is dependent upon the condition of each individual. That condition is a psychic and a spiritual state that gives birth to the physical organism. That organism is intimately connected to each other living things.

No species compete with each other but cooperates to form an environment in which all kinds can creatively exist.

You live in a physical community but you live first of all in a community of thoughts and feelings. These trigger your physical actions. They directly affect the behavior of your body.

When a species overproduces the incidents of epidemics grow. This applies to human populations and to animal populations. The consciousness that became briefly physical is not annihilated but waits for better conditons.

Suffering is not necessary good for the soul and left alone natural creatures do not seek it.

Power of Grow

There is power of grow and value fulfillment with each individual that must be satisfied. You were born with certain abilities, and you have to enlarge the framework of conventional concepts if you were to have room to use those abilities. In the old framework there was no satisfying or creative way to go.

There is no end in what you can do still with growing comprehension.

All creativity is basically joyful. It is play in the highest terms and is always alive with motion. It is foolhardy to apply discipline or secondary order to a spontaneous creativity that automatically gives you the fines order that nature can ever provide.

Disk of the Sun

There is a history that Lord Muru arrived at Lake Titicaca at some time in the remote past, when the Andes Mountains were first uplifted in a cataclysmic event that also sank the Pacific continent of Mu. Lord Muru set up the “Monastery of the brotherhood of seven rays”, which was to keep the secrets and treasures of his race in its archives. Among the treasures was the Golden Sun Disk of Mu.

George Hunt Williamson in the book “Secrets of the Incas” maintains that this Sun Disk was later given to the Incas when they had advanced enough spiritually to appreciate it. When the Spaniards conquered Peru the Sun Disk  was removed from the Sun Temple at Cuzco and placed back in the safe keeping at the monastery.

Most researchers feel that the Sun Disk was hidden in a tunnel. That such a Sun Disk did exist is certain it was seen by the very first Spanish to enter Cuzco (|in Peru)

The monastery is also known as the “Valley of the Blue Moon”.

Resourcefulness and Originality


Resourcefulness is the outcome of efficiency. It is an important element in prosperity. You may fall but you will always be on your feet. Resourcefulness has its fundamental cause in the conservation of energy. It is energy transmuted.

When you cut mental or bodily vices that depletes you of energy that energy is not destroyed it becomes productive energy. Your mentality is abounding with stored up energy. Barren minds sink in the struggle of life. A person can rise and can turn from vice to virtue and stand self respecting and secure upon his own resources.

The resourceful people invent discover initiate, are in the stream of progress.

A mind can become stiff and inert like a body of an aged man and fail to keep pace with the rapidly moving ideas and plans of resourceful minds.

A resourceful mind is like a river never runs dry and which affords refreshments and supplies new vigor times of drought.


Originality is resourcefulness ripened and perfected. People of originality are genius and they are the light of the world.

Originality cannot be forced it can only be developed.