Electrons and Units of Consciousness


Electrons are precognitive and so is our cellular consciousness. Our body relative permanence in time is dependent upon the electron’s behavior as it deals with probabilities.


The cell’s stability and its reliability in the bodily environment is dependent upon its innate properties of instant communication and instant decision, for each cell is in communication with all others and is united with all others through fields of consciousness. In which each entity play a part.


At one level the cells obey the rules of time but on another levels they defy it. Events are not built initially from physical particles. They are the result of psychological activity.


In the beginning you were only aware of that psychological activity. It had not as yet thickened itself into form. The form was there but it was not manifest. Instead of small particles you had small units of consciousness gradually building themselves into large ones. Each unit of consciousness contains within itself the innate heritage of All That Is or God.


Conscious mind is not the only conscious that you possess. It is the only one you are aware of.


Units of Consciousness


CU – Units of Consciousness are the building blocks of matter. They form physical matter as it exists in our understanding and experience.


Units of Consciousness form other kinds of matter that we do not perceive. They operate as particle and as waves. Whichever way they operate they are aware of their own existence..


When they operate as particles they build up continuity in time. They identify themselves by the establishment of specific boundaries.


When CU operates as waves they do not set up any boundaries about their self awarness and can be in more than one place at one time.


In its purest form the units of consciousness can be in all places at the same time. When it operates as a wave a unit of consciousness is precognitive, or clairvoyant since it has the capacity to e in all places and all times simultaneously.


Consciousness Survival

Your consciousness will survive your body’s death but will also take on another kind of form a form that is itself composed of units of consciousness.


People think in terms of hierarchies of consciousness with humanity at the top of the list in global terms.


The Bible for example say that man is put in dominion over the animals. The divine gestalt (God) is expressed in such a way that its quality is undiluted. It cannot be that one portion of existence is somehow up or down the scale from another. It is all grade A.


People limit the capacity of conscious mind by refusing to allow it to use a larger scope of attention so that they have remanded closed and ignorant about the different varied but rich experiences of other species. Other species appear beneath humans. Peoples have allowed a certain stubborn literal mindedness to provide with definitions that served to categorize rather than illuminate other realities beside their own.


In the beginning there was a subjective world that became objective. Matter was not yet permanent, for consciousness was not stable. In the beginning there was a dream world with rich consciousness formed a dream of physical reality and gradually became awake within that world.


Mountains rose and tumbled Oceans filled. Tidal waves thundered. Islands appeared. The seasons themselves were not stable. The magnetic fields fluctuated but all the species were there at the beginning, thought in the same fashion. There was a much greater plasticity motion variety as consciousness experimented with its won forms.


The species and the environment together formed themselves in concert so that each fulfilled the requirement of all other portion of physical reality.

God learns as you learn, and make adjustments according with your knowledge.

The beginning of the world is just a step outside the moment.

Spacious Present, Consciousness Energy and God Creation

All worlds are created by the divine content, so while they are on one hand exterior, they are on the other hand made of divine stuff and each hypothetical point in the iniverse is in direct contact with All that it is or God in the most basic terms.


The knowledge of the whole is within all of its parts and yet All That Is  is more that its parts.


When the worlds our world and other were created there was an explosion if unimaginable proportion as the divine spark of inspiration exploded into obiectivity.


The first object was of an unendurable mass though it had no weight and it had no weight, and it exploded instantaneously beginning processes that formed the universe but no time was involved.


The processes that you may think took eons occurred in the blink of an eye and the initial objective materialization of the massive thought of All That Is burst into reality. In our terms this was a physical explosion but in terms of the consciousness involved in that breakthrough, this was a triumph of first inspirational frenzy, a breakthrough into another kind of being.


The earth then appeared as consciousness transformed itself into the many facets of nature. The atoms and molecules were alive, aware they were no longer part of a divine dream but they spoke themselves through the very nature of their being. They became living aware, with consciousness could form matter.


It was the birth of individualized consciousness as you think of it into physical context. Those consciousness were individualized before the beginning, but not manifest.


The individual consciousness did not attach itself completely to its earthly forms at the start, but rested often with the divine heritage.


It is as if earth and all of its creatures were partially dreaming and not as focused within physical reality as they are now.


All of the species began by emphasizing a great subjective orientation that was most necessary as they learned to manipulate within the new physical environment.


Time does not exist. The beginning is now. That critical explosion of divine subjectivity into objectivity is always happening and you are being given life in each moment because of that divine simultaneous nature of that divine subjectivity.


The spacious present is large enough to contain all of time segments.

Consciousness Matter and Energy

  1. Consciousness, matter and energy are one.
  2. Consciousness initiates the transformation of energy into matter.
  3. The beginning of our universe was a triumph in the expansion of consciousness, as it learned to translate itself into physical form.
  4. The universe emerged into actuality in the same way but to a different degree, that any idea emerges from what you think of as subjectivity into physical expression.
  5. The conscious of each person existed before the universe was formed, but that consciousness was unmanifest.
  6. The closest manifestation of the state of being that existed before the universe was formed is the dream state. In that state before the beginning the consciousness existed free of space and time aware of immense probabilities.
  7. Your conscience is a part of an infinitely original creative process.

Animal Consciousness

It seldom occurs to anyone that certain forms of animal consciousness came in physical form by choice that certain species are prized by man and protected or that the consciousness of such animals had anything at all to do with such  an arrangement.


The species of man and certain species of animals together formed an arrangement that did have benefits for both.


Man is more part of nature than he realizes and in the greater realm of activity he cannot take any actions with which the rest of nature does not agree for its own reason.


In the vast web of communication that unite all species animals can communicate with man, and man can communicate with other species such as plants, will all species.


Such communications has always gone on. Man cannot afford to be aware of such communication at this time, (Even thought some are aware and do communicate very few though that actually live  make an income from such communication ) because the entire culture is based on the idea of animals natural subordinate position. The men who slaughter animals cannot afford to treat those animals as possessors of living consciousness. The loggers cannot afford to treat trees as possessors of consciousness even thought there are experiments that confirm the communication between trees.


There is beneath it all an important unity a sense of communion as one portion of earth’s living consciousness dies to insure the continued life of all nature.


That natural sacrament however turns into something else entirely when the gift is so misunderstood and when the donor is treated so poorly.


Many animals enjoy work and purpose. They enjoy working with man. Horses enjoy the contribution they made to man’s world. They understood riders more that their riders understood them.


Many dogs enjoy being the family protectors. There are deep emotional bonds between men and many species of animals. There is emotional response.


Dolphins respond emotionally to man’s world. The animals on the farm are emotionally aware of the overall psychological content of the farmer’s life and of each member of his family.


Consciousness is filled with content any type of consciousness.


Animals do not blame humans for anything. If as species we would understand the animals that would alter consciousness in the most profound nature.


Humans as species learned a lot from animals. Humans learned a good deal of medicine from watching animal behavior. What plants to avoid, which to cultivate. How to rid yourself of lice by going into water or social behavior by watching animals.


At one time humans could identify themselves with animals to a higher degree.


The cats enjoy contributing to your life as much as any wild animal enjoys being part of its group. Their consciousness lead in a different direction, feel about edges of concepts, sense of openness and awareness of a different kind.